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This is the documentation page for Module:Cite web

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This module may be placed directly on articles by replacing Template:((Cite web| with Template:((#invoke:Cite web|| (note the double pipe). This is likely to be unclear to other editors and should only be done to prevent pages exceeding the post-expand include size limit. It is also fine to use in templates that wrap {{Cite web}}.

For the module that actually implements {{Cite web}}, see Module:Citation/CS1.


Template:TemplateData header <templatedata> { "description": "This module is like Template:((Cite webTemplate:)) with two exceptions. It is only for use on pages with lots of citations (e.g. several hundred) where that is causing technical problems, and you must pass an empty first parameter. For all other usage information, see Template:Cite web.", "params": { "1": {

 "label": "Required blank parameter"

} } } </templatedata>