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This is the documentation page for Module:Ancient Greek/typing

This module allows easy typing of Greek. It converts a variation of Beta Code to Ancient Greek. Diacritics can be entered in any order and they will be output in the correct order. Diacritics can also be added to existing Greek text. It implements {{grc}}

All tests passed.

Text Expected Actual
Template:Tick a__i ᾱͅ ᾱͅ
Template:Tick a)lhqh/s ἀληθής ἀληθής
Template:Tick a)lhqhs* ἀληθησ ἀληθησ
Template:Tick a)lhqhs- ἀληθησ- ἀληθησ-
Template:Tick a^)nh/r ᾰ̓νήρ ᾰ̓νήρ
Template:Tick Phlhi+a/dhs Πηληϊάδης Πηληϊάδης
Template:Tick Phlhi^+a^/dhs Πηληῐ̈ᾰ́δης Πηληῐ̈ᾰ́δης
Template:Tick Πηληϊ^ά^δης Πηληῐ̈ᾰ́δης Πηληῐ̈ᾰ́δης
Template:Tick e)a_/n ἐᾱ́ν ἐᾱ́ν
Template:Tick ἐά_ν ἐᾱ́ν ἐᾱ́ν
Template:Tick pa=sa^ πᾶσᾰ πᾶσᾰ
Template:Tick u_(mei=s ῡ̔μεῖς ῡ̔μεῖς
Template:Tick a/)^ner ᾰ̓́νερ ᾰ̓́νερ
Template:Tick a/^)ner ᾰ̓́νερ ᾰ̓́νερ
Template:Tick a)/^ner ᾰ̓́νερ ᾰ̓́νερ
Template:Tick a)^/ner ᾰ̓́νερ ᾰ̓́νερ
Template:Tick dai+/frwn δαΐφρων δαΐφρων
Template:Tick dai/+frwn δαΐφρων δαΐφρων