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This is the documentation page for Module:Age

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Templates supported

Module:Age implements the following templates:

Template Required wikitext
{{extract}} {{#invoke:age|extract}}
{{gregorian serial date}} {{#invoke:age|gsd}}
{{time interval}} {{#invoke:age|time_interval}}
{{age in days}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_days}}
{{age in days nts}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_days_nts}}
{{duration in days}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=duration_days}}
{{duration in days nts}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=duration_days_nts}}
{{age}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_full_years}}
{{age nts}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_full_years_nts}}
{{age in years}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_in_years}}
{{age in years nts}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_in_years_nts}}
{{age for infant}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_infant}}
{{age in months}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_m}}
{{age in weeks}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_w}}
{{age in weeks and days}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_wd}}
{{age in years and days}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_yd}}
{{age in years and days nts}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_yd_nts}}
{{age in years and months}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_ym}}
{{age in years, months and days}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_ymd}}
{{age in years, months, weeks and days}} {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_ymwd}}
{{birth date and age}} {{#invoke:age|birth_date_and_age}}
{{death date and age}} {{#invoke:age|death_date_and_age}}


Template Redirects to
Template:No redirect {{age in years and days nts}}
Template:No redirect {{age in years, months and days}}
Template:No redirect {{age in years, months, weeks and days}}
Template:No redirect {{birth date and age}}
Template:No redirect {{death date and age}}
Template:No redirect {{gregorian serial date}}

The age templates expect the older date to be first. The implementations of age_in_years and age_in_years_nts display an error message if that is not the case. If similar checking is wanted for other templates, negative=error can be added to the invoke. For example, {{age}} might use:

  • {{#invoke:age|age_generic|template=age_full_years|negative=error}}

If negative=error does not apply, a negative difference is indicated with a minus sign (−).

Date formats

Dates can use numbered or named parameters to specify year/month/day. Alternatively, a full date can be entered in a variety of formats. For example:

If the first or second date is omitted, the current date is used. For example:


The following options are available:

Parameter Description
duration=on The finishing date is included in the result; that adds one day to the age.
fix=on Adjust invalid time units. See Template:Extract#Fix.
format=commas A value of 1,000 or more is displayed with commas.
format=raw Numbers are displayed without commas and negative numbers are displayed with a hyphen for {{#expr}}. In addition, {{age}} outputs a plain number and will not include a span to indicate if the result relies on the current date.
format=cardinal Display the resulting number using words such as "five" instead of 5. See below.
format=ordinal Display the resulting number using words such as "fifth" instead of 5. See below.
prefix=text Insert the given text before the result but after any sort key. For example, {{age|23 July 1910|14 July 1976|prefix=about|sortable=on}} outputs a hidden sort key followed by "about 65".
range=dash Accept a year only, or a year and month only, and show a range of ages with an en dash (–).
range=yes Accept a year or year/month, and show the range with "or".
range=no Accept a year only, or year/month, but show only a single age as if full dates had been entered.
round=on The age is rounded to the nearest least-significant time unit.
sc=on A serial comma is used (only useful when three or more values are displayed).
sc=yes Same as sc=on.
show=hide The age is not displayed; may be useful with sortable=on.
sortable=on Insert a hidden sort key before the result (for use in sortable tables).
sortable=table .
sortable=debug Same as sortable=on but the sort key is displayed for testing.
sortable=off No sort key (can override the default for a template like {{age nts}}).

Examples using the range parameter follow.

The sort key is based on the age in days, and fractions of a day if a time is specified.

An extra day is added for a duration.

The least-significant time unit can be rounded.

Large numbers can be formatted with commas.

Spelling numbers

The templates that use age_generic can display numbers in words rather than using numerals. The result can be a cardinal number (such as "five") or an ordinal number (such as "fifth"). The first letter can be in uppercase, and US spelling of numbers can be used. Examples:

  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=cardinal}} → 120
  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=cardinal_us}} → 120
  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=Cardinal}} → 120
  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=Cardinal_us}} → 120
  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=Ordinal}} → 120
  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=Ordinal_us}} → 120
  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=ordinal}} → 120
  • {{age|1898|01|01|2018|02|01|format=ordinal_us}} → 120
  • {{age|1980|1990|range=yes|format=Cardinal}}Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
  • {{age in years, months and days|April 1980|1995|format=Cardinal|range=yes}}Template:Age in years, months and days

Tracking category


Inputs and outputs can be localized to suit the language used. Examples are at bnwiki and bswiki.

See also

  • {{time interval}} • This template supports all age/duration calculations and provides more options such as abbreviating or omitting units.