Magdim Metshin

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Magdim Metshin
Born Magdim Mukhametshin
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Occupation Entrepreneur
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Magdim Metshin (born Magdim Mukhametshin in Tashkent, Uzbekistan) is a Russian-American serial entrepreneur currently residing in California, United States.

With his first business at 11 years old, he later created and co-founded 5 companies. The companies he co-founded varied from ADA Sport, an animation sport with dozens of millions of views online, to ROFL Cafe, a restaurant on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles with the celebrity chef Govind Armstrong. They include:

  • ADA Sport
  • ROFL Cafe
  • The Happiest Company
  • iCups Technologies
  • 7Epic

Magdim Metshin is widely known for creating a buzz around his invention iCups, getting over 1 billion impressions in the media. He took the idea of two cups and string, funded it on Kickstarter, and distributed it to over 1000 stores, including the largest retail chain - Spencer's Gifts.[1][2]

Early life and education

Metshin was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He created his first business when he was 11 years old selling fireworks in his school and district. He graduated from Moscow State Industrial University.[3]


ADA Sport

Metshin was the co-founder of ADA Sport, where he had worked as a producer and marketer from 2009 to 2014. ADA Sport was a platform for 30 animation teams to compete against one another for cash prizes. The brand of the competition was inspired by the professional sports leagues like NFL, NBA, and MLB. This animation sport grew to over 50,000 fans and 30 million views on YouTube.


He also founded iCups Technologies in 2014, which he still owns and manages. Metshin had also filed for a trademark for iCups in 2014.[4][5]

iCups was originally released as a comical low-cost alternative to the iPhone 6.[6] Originally, iCups had been part of an iPhone parody animation, but Metshin then decided to make iCups an actual product via a Kickstarter fundraiser.[7] It has been distributed at retail stores such as Spencer's Gifts.[2]

iCups was well received by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who found it to be highly amusing.[8][7][9]


Inspired by Madan Kataria's works on laughter yoga, he opened a laughter-themed restaurant called ROFL Cafe (The Republic of Laughter Cafe)[10] on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles with Alex Vasilkin, Peter Silkin, and Sergey Denisov.[11][12][13][14][15][16] The restaurant was also inspired by Emoto's ideas of positive human consciousness being able to affect water's molecular structure.[17][18][19]

Projects in blockchain

Blockchain adoption is one of his main interests. Metshin has co-organized many blockchain conferences in Silicon Valley and in Asia, including the Global Blockchain Forum, of which he is a co-producer.[20][3][21]

From 2018 to 2019, Metshin was the Head of PR and Marketing at Propy, a Palo Alto-based start that uses blockchain technology in the real estate industry.[22]

He also spoke on panels in several industry-related conferences.[23][24]

In October 2019, Metshin co-founded 7Epic, a blockchain marketing agency, in the San Francisco Bay Area.[22]


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