Maddie Morrison

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Maddie Morrison
Madeleine Morrison
Wellington, New Zealand
Occupation Social media influencer and blogger
Contact Official website

Maddie Morrison (born Taliah Madeleine Nevett Morrison in Wellington, New Zealand) is a social media lifestyle blogger from New Zealand. She currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.[1][2]


Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand,[3] Morrison attended Queen Margaret College. She graduated from The Wellington Institute of Technology.[4]


Maddie Morrison first started her Instagram account in 2012, and has since increased her number of followers to over 20,000.[4] Maddie has traveled internationally, including to various countries in North America and Europe. She frequently blogs about her travels and also posts them on Instagram.[5]

She has also done brand collaborations with various companies, such as Freedom Couture, Fitazfk, and Luxe Fitness.[4]

Social media

Maddie has 20,000 followers on Instagram on her page @maddie_morrison.

As a social media influencer, she is also an expert in marketing and branding.[6]


Maddie is also an artist, and has had her photographic work exhibited at the Photographic Society of New Zealand. In 2013, one of her images won the Photographic Society silver award.[7]

Personal life

Maddie owns two cats, which are named Tupac The Cat and Manuka.[4]


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