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List of recent automobile models by type

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This is a list of current automobile models by type.

Car classification
American English British English Segment EuroNCAP Example
Microcar Microcar, Bubble car  -  - Smart Fortwo
 - City car A-segment Supermini Renault Twingo
Subcompact car Supermini B-segment Hyundai Accent
Compact car Small family car C-segment Small family car Ford Focus
Mid-size car Large family car D-segment Large family car Volkswagen Passat
Entry-level luxury car Compact executive car Audi A4
Full-size car Executive car E-segment Executive car Chrysler 300
Mid-size luxury car BMW 5 Series
Full-size luxury car Luxury car F-segment  - Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Sports car Sports car  -  - Porsche 911
Grand tourer Grand tourer  -  - Jaguar XK
Supercar Supercar  -  - Ferrari F50
Convertible Convertible  -  - Volkswagen Eos
Roadster Roadster  - Roadster BMW Z4
 - Leisure activity vehicle B-segment Small MPV Peugeot Partner
 - Mini MPV B-segment Opel Meriva
Compact minivan Compact MPV C-segment Mazda5
Minivan Large MPV D-segment MPV Toyota Previa
Mini SUV Mini 4x4 B-segment Small Off-Roader Suzuki SX4
Compact SUV Compact 4x4 C/D-segment Honda CR-V
Mid-size crossover SUV Large 4x4 E-segment Large Off-Roader BMW X5
Mid-size SUV Off-roader E-segment Jeep Grand Cherokee
Full-size SUV  - Cadillac Escalade

Hatchbacks, sedans and station wagons

Main articles: Hatchback, Sedan, and Station wagon

City cars

Main articles: City car and Kei car

Superminis / subcompact cars

Main articles: Supermini car and Subcompact car

Small family cars / compact cars

Main articles: Small family car and Compact car

Large family cars / mid-size cars

Main articles: Large family car and Mid-size car

Mainstream executive cars / full-size cars

Main articles: Executive car and Full-size car

Luxury cars

Compact executive cars / entry-level luxury cars

Main article: Compact executive car

Executive cars / mid-size luxury cars

Full-size luxury cars

Main articles: Full-size car and Luxury car

Sports cars and grand tourers


Main article: Coupé

Sports cars

Main article: Sports car

Four-seat cabriolets / convertibles

Main article: Convertible


Main article: Roadster

Grand tourers

Main article: Grand tourer


Main article: Supercar

Multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) / minivans / people-carriers

Main article: Minivan

Leisure activity vehicles

Mini MPVs

Main article: Mini MPV

Compact MPVs / compact minivans

Main article: Compact MPV

Large MPVs / minivans

Main article: Large MPV


Main article: Van


Main article: Microvan

Small vans

Mid-size vans

Full-size vans

Crossover sports utility vehicles (crossover SUVs)

Main article: Crossover SUV

Mini crossover SUVs

Main article: Mini SUV

Compact crossover SUVs

Main article: Compact SUV

Mid-size crossover SUVs

Full-size crossover SUVs

SUVs / off-roaders

Main article: Sport utility vehicle

Mini SUVs

Main article: Mini SUV

Compact SUVs

Main article: Compact SUV

Mid-size SUVs

Full-size SUVs

Pickup trucks

Main article: Pickup truck

Mini pickup trucks

Compact / mid-size pickup trucks

Full-size pickup trucks

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