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Lee Wilson

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Lee Wilson
Occupation Relationship coach
Contact https://lee-wilson.net/

Lee Wilson (also known as Coach Lee) is an American relationship coach. He is best known as the founder of MyExBackCoach.com. In addition to being a relationship coach, Wilson is also a best-selling author.

Lee Wilson has worked closely with relationship educators and authors including Joe Beam, who founded Marriage Helper.[1]

Early life

Wilson grew up in the southern United States and moved to Nashville, Tennessee after college. He studied counseling and theology, and worked at a marriage guidance company after his university studies.[2]


Starting in the early 2000s, Wilson began working with a nonprofit marriage-enrichment organization as a writer. He attended and gained certifications from the organization on marriage coaching and after a terminal illness of one of their consultants, was promoted to the position of marriage consultant.[2]

In 2017, Wilson founded the website MyExBackCoach.com. The website was highly successful, and was featured in many magazines, newpapers, and television shows around the world.[3]

As of 2018, about 4,000 people annually consult Wilson on how to reunite with partners that they had recently broken up with.[4][2][2][5]

Wilson also coaches some of his clients on the concept of limerence, a term coined by American psychologist Dorothy Tennov.[6]


Among the wide variety of strategies that Wilson uses, one of his core principles is to not appear overly desperate to win back the other person.[7][8] Using these strategies, his estimated success rate for his clients is 55-75 percent, a relatively impressive success rate given the various difficult cases that relationship counselors usually have to deal with.[2][9]


Wilson's clients have included various notable clients, ranging from celebrities to athletes and even psychotherapists.[10] Other well-known clients have included musicians, politicians, authors, publishing companies, film companies, and others.[11]

He has an international clientale that is not only limited to the United States, but also includes the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and many other countries.[2]


Wilson has appeared on many notable media outlets, including Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan Magazine, AskMen, The Today Show, Business Insider, Reuters, The Sun, TED Ed,[12] and various others.[10]


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