LIV Swiss Watches

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LIV Swiss Watches
Type Private
Founded 2012
FounderEsti Chazanow
Headquarters Miami, Florida, United States
Area servedWorldwide
IndustryFashion and jewelry
ProductsSwiss watches
Reference [1]

LIV Swiss Watches is a Swiss watch company based in Miami, United States. It is historically notable for being the most crowdfunded Swiss watch brand to date.[2][3]

Although LIV Swiss Watches is headquartered in Miami, most of its watches are handcrafted and assembled in Switzerland.[4]

LIV Swiss Watches has been covered by Forbes,[5] Business Insider,[6] and many other major media outlets. The watches are available internationally, and have been featured by newspapers and magazines in Switzerland,[7] Germany,[8] France,[9][10] Japan,[11] and other countries.


In 2012, Esti Chazanow founded LIV Swiss Watches in Miami, Florida.[12] After having worked in the watch industry for over two decades,[13] Chazanow wanted to build watches that combined affordability with durability and craftsmanship, and so launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for her idea.[14]

The company has had an ongoing collaboration with cyclist Taylor Eisenhart since 2019.[15] In 2018, LIV Watches also awarded winners of the F1600 Championship Series with custom GX1-A Swiss watches.[16]

Being by far the most successfully crowdfunded Swiss watch brand in history, Chazanow believed that the watches' funding success was due to the fact that watch enthusiasts had found LIV Swiss Watches to be a highly personable niche brand, rather than a typical mass-produced consumer brand.[17] Besides LIV Swiss Watches, other watch brands that had also undergone initial crowdfunding include Sequent SuperCharger and Laventure Marine, although LIV Swiss Watches has had by far the most funding and number of backers.[18]


The first LIV watch model, the GX1 Swiss Quartz Chronograph, was launched in 2014.[19] The second model, the GX1-A Swiss Automatic, was funded with $1,119,029 by over 2,169 backers within 12 hours.[20][21]

Another model launched in 2016 is the GX Base.[22] Later in 2017, the next LIV model, called Rebel, was also funded within 12 hours, receiving more than $1.7 million from over 2,900 backers.[12] 2017 also saw the launch of the GX1-A, which has a luminescent feature called Super-LumiNova.[23] In 2018, the Titanium Ceramic Chrono watch was launched and funded.[24]

Other models include the GX1 Panda (for sportswear), GMT Cobalt, GX AC (for women), GX1, and various others.[25]

There is also a wide variety of limited edition watches and collections,[26] including specialized watches for divers, pilots,[27][28][29] and other specific uses and demographics.[30]

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