It's Easy Being Green

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(NewsUSA) - Americans might celebrate "Earth Day" once a year, but every day presents a new opportunity for greener living.

Here are some tips for eco-friendly living:

  • Change the lights. Swapping incandescent bulbs for compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs) might cost a little more per light bulb, but CFLs quickly pay for themselves. If every American household were to replace just one incandescent light bulb with a CFL, the nation would save enough energy to light 2.5 million homes for one year.
  • Choose the right cat litter. Green living shouldn't apply only to the human members of your family. There are many green pet products available for your pets, including cat litter. Choose a biodegradable, flushable, septic-safe cat litter like World's Best Cat Litter ( Made from whole-kernel corn and natural plant materials, it's also silica-dust free -- making it ideal for people and pets with allergies. This all-natural, high-performance litter is not only a smart choice for you and your cat, but also for the environment.
  • Kick the plastic water bottle to the curb. Even though many can be recycled, plastic bottles typically end up in landfills. Worse, the plastic is made from a petroleum product, and the manufacturing process requires oil, a nonrenewable resource. Buy a reusable metal water bottle, and you will do the planet a favor while also avoiding the toxins that plastic can leach into water.
  • Shut off electronics. You can significantly cut your energy consumption simply by shutting off any electronic devices that you aren't going to use for an extended period of time. Turn off lights, computers, televisions, gaming systems, printers and microwaves to save money and energy.
  • Use non-chemical household cleaners. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water and put into a spray bottle. Use the solution and newspaper to wash windows and mirrors. A dampened cotton cloth can clean most surfaces. For more delicate surfaces, like antiques, heirlooms, leather and gold-leaf, use a dry cotton cloth.

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