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MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Monday March 04, 2024
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Link Spam is prohibited at MyWikiBiz - it will be deleted as a matter of policy. Link Spam is defined as external hyper-links to non-reference sources in Main space articles. (This includes Google <adense> links.) Main space articles are subject to NPOV; link spam is, in effect, stealing attention away from common areas where all registered users may participate. Besides, the Main space is subject to open-editing, so any other user can come along and delete/edit the information. In other words, it's a waste of time.

Link Spam is unnecessary at MyWikiBiz for a number of reasons:

  • MyWikiBiz has an approved Main space marketing program already in effect;
  • MyWikiBiz supports custom Directory and User spaces that allows registered users to protect and promote their goods, services, links, applications, etc;
  • This means that registered users are free to build-out more complete information resources (ie copyright protected) within their Directory and/or User pages without interference from others;
  • MyWikiBiz has an Attribute:Web designed specifically for linking to external web sites from either the Directory or User space;
  • In addition to <adsense> and <youtube> extensions, MyWikiBiz provides a general embed facility that allows users to run Java scripts within Directory and User pages. That means you don't have to redirect users to your web site if you want them to run/use an on-line demonstration/application example.

So you see, there's no reason to sneak around like so many do at Wikipedia. MyWikiBiz is trying to avoid the edit wars, deletions, reverts, etc. that is consuming so much time and energy at Wikipedia. MyWikiBiz's semantic tags provides excellent SEO opportunities within MyWikiBiz. Don't worry - your MyWikiBiz listing, whether it's a web site, company, etc. will be picked up by search engines.