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Help:Learning ASK

MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Saturday May 15, 2021
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Learning to use ASK

Imagine conducting a search for a male, born in Michigan between 1965 and 1968, who has interests in both skiing and poker. Do you think that would be easy with MySpace, Wikipedia, or Google? Fat chance. But on MyWikiBiz, you would just set up the following ASK query on an out-of-the-way page in your User or Directory space...

<ASK Mainlabel="Person" Header="show" Link="all">
[[Birth_Date:>1965]][[Birth_Date:<1968]][[Birth_Date:=*|Birth Date]]

...and MyWikiBiz instantaneously produces this report:

<ASK Mainlabel="Person" Header="show" Link="all">Status * State Phone MaleGender MichiganBorn [[Birth_Date:>1965]][[Birth_Date:<1968]]The date "*" was not understood.The date "*" was not understood. SkiingPokerInterests </ask>