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Type Private
Founded 2014
Headquarters Taiwan
IndustrySoftware for the Logistics Industry
Contact Taiwan
Reference https://www.hardcoretech.co/
GoFreight logo

GoFreight is an all-in-one freight forwarding software service designed by Hard Core Technology, an international technology company founded in 2014 in Taiwan. It is designed for freight forwarders and NVOCCs to have a smarter and more efficient workflow.[1]

The company’s user-centric vision and innovation led it to be selected as one of the Most Promising Logistics Tech Startups of 2019 by Startup City.[2]


GoFreight is an all-in-one web platform with a complete set of integrated functions, such as planning, sales, operation, and accounting.[3] In addition, its special features include to-do list, in-app security filing, centralized document center, WYSIWYG form editing, profit-volume chart, and executive dashboard. These features facilitate a smarter workflow and provide business insights for managers to make real-time decisions.[4] Aside from all these features, its slick UI & UX design differentiates itself from others, and its frequent updates with new features improve the efficiency and accuracy of freight forwarders' working process.[5]

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

This function gives a visual analysis that examines the interaction of a firm's sales volume, selling price, cost structure, and profitability. Managers can base their marketing, production, investment, and financing decisions on the generated analysis.

Daily To-Do List

As the name suggested, operators can create a to-do list to manage their shipments and operations. The alerts will remind operators of unfinished or pending activities.

Document Center

Documents can be stored in this centralized document center. These files under each corresponding shipment or trade partner are stored on a secured cloud storage and can be easily shared to others with one simple click.


Memorandum can be used to share or take notes of all the important information. It can also be used to relay information regarding events or any other changes that have been made.

Vehicle Inventory

Vehicle inventory allows exporters to share details, such as model, year, and others, of vehicles with customers very easily. In addition, customers can can access to or download pictures and information of vehicles with a simple VIN scan on the mobile app.


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