Gee Whiz! Lasers Are Everywhere

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Gee Whiz! Lasers Are Everywhere

(NewsUSA) - From watching DVDs to scanning barcodes, the laser has become an indispensable tool in our daily lives.

Lasers are useful because they focus high-power energy into a pinpoint, creating a precision scalpel for surgeons. Therapeutic lasers are also necessary in modern dermatology and ophthalmology. For instance, lasers can selectively remove microscopic "targets" inside living tissue without causing a scar.

Truly amazing are the new ways scientists find to use the laser. New medical imaging technology allows doctors to shine laser light on living tissues, helping detect problems like breast cancer or retinal diseases in their early stages. Clinical trials are now underway for a laser-based technique that could identify Alzheimer's disease decades before symptoms begin. Scientists have even found a way to destroy cancer cells by first inserting gold nanoparticles into tumors, then zapping them with laser light.

The pace of new laser technology development is faster than ever before. According to laser experts from the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery,

the laser shows every sign of continuing to advance the future of medicine. For more information, please visit or

Name: Gee Whiz! Lasers Are Everywhere

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