Gabriel Silva Lamboglia

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Gabriel Silva Lamboglia
Residence Orange County, California, USA
Montevideo, Uruguay
Occupation Entrepreneur
Contact Anaheim Stone Works

Gabriel Silva Lamboglia is an entrepreneur, speaker and author on the topics of business, construction, and entertainment.


He was born Gabriel Silva Lamboglia in 1961 in Montevideo, Uruguay as the son of a Dentist and Lieutenant Colonel.

He attended Colegio y liceo Latinoamericano Uruguay (1970), Instituto Crandon Uruguay (1978), Escuela Naval Uruguaya (1981) and Universidad Ort Uruguay (1982). Silva has held a pilot’s license and contractor’s license.[1] He married in 1988 with two children, a girl and a boy, before moving to Orange County, California in 1989.

Anaheim Stone Works

He is the CEO and founder of Anaheim Stone Works Inc[2][3] and the President and Founder of Ecologito Inc.[4] His clients include the Mirage Las Vegas, Golden Nugget Las Vegas, Commerce Casino Los Angeles, Viking Showroom, numerous major home builders, and the San Onofre Nuclear Plant.

Anaheim Stone Works Inc. was awarded the title of Best Company by builders on several occasions.

TV work

In 2008, Silva Lamboglia produced a series of Public Service Announcements “Eco For Kids” following his passion for producing TV shows, emphasizing the importance of caring for the environment.[5] The Public Service Amusement was designed to teach children specific techniques to build good conservation habits they can follow and practice was aired in areas including Salt Lake City, Utah, Richmond, Virginia, Metairie, Louisiana, Berkeley, California, Charleston, Illinois, Cookeville, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and throughout the state of New York.

As an executive producer, in 2009, he produced a 45-minute TV special for PBS called Eco featuring music, comedy, animation, real life scenes, puppets and real kids designed to teach children about conserving Earth’s natural resources. Due to the economic collapse of 2008, the show has not aired yet.

In 2014, he wrote From Here to Where???,[6] a book about his business principles told alongside his personal story of migrating to America.

Silva Lamboglia produced Recién Llegado for Tu TV Network in Uraguay in 2016[7] and a documentary for Subrayado in 2017.[8]


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