Frankie Pappas

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'Frankie Pappas'
Type Private
Founded 2012
Headquarters Johannesburg
Area servedSouth Africa
IndustryArchitecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape design, product design and art
Contact Official website

Frankie Pappas is the collective pseudonym for a group of creatives who collaborate on works ranging from architecture to art to code to furniture to urban design. It is currently based in Johannesburg.[1]


Frankie Pappas was informally established in 2012, and formally established in 2020.

It became quickly and evidently clear to a young South African architect that beautiful solutions to a remarkable new world were not going to be found by one person alone. As a result, a unifying identity was formed – a collection of individuals recruited to tackle problems as a whole.

House of the Big Arch was the catalyst in bringing together people of different backgrounds and areas of expertise to solve complex problems.[2] The South African architect, who was 23 years old at the time, could not resolve certain aspects single-handedly, so 'recruited' the expertise and passion of a 70-odd-year-old Welsh engineer, a 40-odd-year-old Zimbabwean builder, and a 30-odd-year-old Malawian to help in the process. In addition to this team, a 60-year-old nature conservationist documented all of the fauna and flora. Together, the specialists formed a powerful unit of collaborators, all working together under the umbrella group that came to be known as Frankie Pappas.

Origin of the name

The world of pseudonyms is rather vast. Many renowned figures in history have performed under a pseudonym, with their greatest works being credited to assumed names, nicknames and nom-de-guerres.


  • Writers: Agatha Christie, Pablo Neruda
  • Artists: Le Corbusier, Picasso, Carvaggio, Donatello, Banksy, Man Ray, Raphael
  • Sportspeople: Pele, Yogi, ChiChi Rodriguez, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Entertainers: Childish Gambino, Woody Allen, Snoop Dogg, Andre 3000, Mawillies
  • Leaders: Mother Teresa, Buddha, Leon Trotsky, Ho Chi Minh
  • Revolutionaries and thinkers: Che, Caligula, Abel Djasi, Alexander Supertramp
  • Superheroes: Batman, The Flash, Wonderwoman, DrX

The history of collective pseudonyms was especially fascinating to the founders of Frankie Pappas, who believe that solutions to a remarkable future have little place for personal ego. This 'rejection of ego' is particularly evident in the works of Ned Ludd, Anonymous, Monty Cantsin, Luther Blissett, and their favourite – Nicolas Bourbaki. Nicolas Bourbaki is the collective pseudonym of a group of young mathematicians. Founded in 1934–1935, the Bourbaki group originally intended to rebuild mathematics from the ground up. This collective resonated with them, and they found their pseudonym inspiration Frankie Pappas as a result.

The name 'Frankie Pappas' references an irreverent hustler in the 1966 novel by Willard Manus, Mott the Hoople - a book whose title gave rise to the equally irreverent glam rock band of the '70s.


The independent contractors that operate under Frankie Pappas specialise in the areas of design, architecture, urban design, engineering, quantity surveying, landscape architecture, project management, furniture, and art. As a collaborative entity, the specialists work to find custom solutions for the 21st century.


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