FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale

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FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale
Type Football club
Founded 2010s
Headquarters South Africa
Contact https://www.facebook.com/Epraimmogalelocalfootball/
Reference The Mogaladi Group

FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale is football club based in Ephraim Mogale, South Africa.[1]


Mandela in his famed words, declared that to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale believes that humans by our inherent nature, are born great. However, our limitations are dictated by the things we fear, and these fears are the roadblock to ultimate freedom. For our youths to excel we must provide them with the necessary pedestal to surmount their fears. Ephraim Mogale, to many people, is nothing but a simple unassuming municipality in Limpopo.


FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale immortalizes this enchanted relationship between a hero, a community and the youth. The fight for the youth of our country is one that must be preserved and nurtured at any cost. We believe that sport is a perfect platform to promote and protect the culture, history, and values of our heroes. “Maginim” in Hebrew translates as shield; guard, or protector. To establish our name as a football club, we are rooted in the discipline of heroes like Mogale which include:

  1. A determination to protect.
  2. Service to humanity.
  3. Defying fear and limitations.

Seeing that there is a lot of work to be done, we are determined to provide the best of talent acquisition, resource and training for the FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale team. Our unique advantage is that we are at the heart of buried treasure. The youth of the Ephraim Mogale municipality are a driven and passionate community. Establishing our brand as a community-based initiative guarantees local and grassroot impact. The team seeks to chart new pathways and inspire the rural youth across Ephraim Mogale Municipality and broader South Africa to greater heights. The team believes that the growth and development of our country requires us all to awaken our inherent strengths and conquer new frontiers.

Ephraim Mogale

Quite little is known about the heroic nature of this community and the exemplary leadership of Ephraim Mogale the freedom fighter. In the 70s when Ephraim Phumuga Mogale was in his formative years, the Municipality went by the name Marble Hall. Ephraim Mogale used to forgo his lunch money so he could board a train to the town of Marble Hall and buy The World Newspaper. The World Newspaper was then considered the only progressive Newspaper in all South Africa and it was subsequently banned in 1977. He was revolutionary in every sense and had a rare and global worldview.[2]

Mogale’s work as a freedom fighter uniquely transformed the landscape for student organization. He helped establish the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) on the 31 May 1979 as a national organization to represent the interests of school students after a tragic expulsion from Mabake High School. Sometimes tragedy propels us to participate in shaping our own destiny. Mogale served COSAS as its inaugural president and worked relentlessly in the fight for emancipation. His humility and bold faith in the South Africa youth might account for how his name remains silent even in the municipality. His life’s work has gradually come to be an emblem of what the Ephraim Mogale Municipality represents.[3]

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