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Name: EPI Labelers

Address: 1145 East Wellspring Rd
City: New Freedom
State: PA
Zip: 17349
Country: USA
Phone: 717.235.8345
Email: []
Contact: Mr. Cottelleer
Title: CEO

EPI Labelers is a labeling company out of New Freedom, Pennsylvania.

To create a name for themselves in the labeling industry, EPI Labelers started creating customized labeling machines for their clients.

EPI Labelers | Company History

The EPI labeling company was created to buy and implement labeling machines and conveyors. They molded and created one processed machine out of them and then would assemble the complete machine at the customer’s production floor. They realized early on in their company’s existence that different machines worked for companies, but they didn’t fit well in the space provided. EPI then decided to build custom machines to fit people's needs.

Since the creation of the company in 1980, it has focused on creating and providing the highest quality and productive machines to create a high energy work place for employees. The company incorporates their machines in with the existing machinery, rather than trying to take sections out and add new ones. They create labeling machines for case packing, flexible packaging, corner labels, containers, print and apply systems, containers, bakery and other generic packing processes.

In April of 2004 EPI moved its worldwide headquarters to southern York County, Pennsylvania directly off of Interstate 83. The new building created an opportunity to have their own Research and Development Lab for new products and services for their customers. They are creating new lines, new machines, and new equipment for processes to help their products work more efficiently and be more productive.

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