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Author's Note : State of the Artwork

JA: The graphics for this paper were initially created with the SuperPaint software on the 1980's model Macintosh that I still used in parallel with Mac 2's and a raft of PC's until 1996 or so, at which time the paper got translated, more or less, into Word for Windows, converting the Figures into GIF files. The SuperPaint utility was very slick for its time and the 35 bucks that it cost, even by present day GatesWay standards, plying together an objectoid "Draw" layer and a bitmapped "Paint" layer. The conversion resulted in the two layers getting more or less out of registration with each other, sometimes losing a layer altogether, and generally globbing up the precision of the bitmapped textures. Consequently, the text labels on the Figures are often out of alignment with the underlying images, sometimes lost entirely, and some of the hatchings and shadings are no longer easy to distinguish from each other. Jon Awbrey 08:36, 27 August 2007 (PDT)

Comment on Algebraic Linear Calculus

From Dr. Uphoff, Thankyou for the eSnips Comment. From speed reading the paper which I like, I can show you a few ideas (Algebraic Linear Calculus):

  • ln u = d ( v exp 2 ) = d ( u sub 2 ) .
  • ln u = int x ( u ) d ( v exp 2 ) + ( d exp 2 ) q .
  • adj int w ( u ) d I d n = i + 1 .
  • int ( sub j ) _ ( _ ) d 8 = ( tan 8 ; u , I ) .
  • del i = 8 rel e .

Many thanks. I confess that I would need more extended hints in order to grasp the application to the logical arena, and maybe some references to read up on. So please continue. Jon Awbrey 07:06, 8 January 2008 (PST)