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Zimride is a free carpooling service geared towards Facebook users. [1]

Did you ever think that carpooling was not for you? For some reason it seems shady, not safe, and just a dumb idea.

Think about all the commutes between cities that happen every day by normal college students. There used to be no way to find or give a safe, secure ride in a carpool, until now.

Introducing Zimride, the future of carpool travel. Zimride makes carpooling safer and easier by using your facebook account to find and post rides. Now you can know a little about a person before you share a ride with them, or find a friend in common, or find out a friend you already have is giving a ride that is convenient for you!

The inspiration for the name comes all the way from Africa. In Zimbabwe it's difficult to buy gasoline. Due to the strange policies of President Mugabe gas stations are open one day a week. This has created a major fuel shortage, driving prices sky high. To cope with the situation, people bike, take the bus, and carpool. The result is a country where no one drives alone.