Your Beginner's Guide to Menopause

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your beginner's guide to menopause your beginner's guide to menopause relieve the symptoms of menopause and be personally coached for 30 days for under 20 make menopause a time of personal empowerment with healthy and positive energy guaranteed the choices you make now from the quality of your nutrition and exercises to the quality of your relationships has the power to secure exceptional health and happiness for the rest of your life if you are in a hurry here's how to order right now for an instant download of the book once your credit card is approved you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the ebook along with your free bonuses dear menopausal sister are you frustrated and confused are you frustrated with your body s changes are you tired of those unbearable hot flashes are you concerned about the inevitable weight gain and the accompanying feeling of becoming unattractive have you been accused of being too moody or bitchy is your sleep interrupted causing you to feel more fatigued all the time have you been told to begin hormone replacement therapy but confused about the risks are you afraid of losing control of your life and your relationships do you not know who or what to trust anymore i understand i ve been there and it was the most challenging transition of my life i want to help you with your frustrations confusions and concerns you may have during this period in your life why all the confusion until recently the solution for women going through menopause was simply to put almost every woman on hormone replacement therapy when you look back just a few years ago hrt hormone replacement therapy was a standard treatment for menopause then everything changed in 2002 the women s health initiative which was and still is a massive national research study revealed that hormone replacement therapy had no net health benefit and it actually increased the risk of serious illness so exactly how much is really known for certain about menopause and what should you believe how did the medical profession swing from a certainty position to an opposite certainty you are probably going to be an interested consumer of medical and health information for the rest of your life the media the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry will bombard you with new breakthroughs improved medications and new studies on a daily basis most of these news stories will be inaccurate and most of the recommendations will be wrong the story of hormone replacement therapy used for menopause is a perfect example this is why i wrote this book my name is sheri goddard and i am a professional health and wellness coach i am nationally known as the menopause coach i help women who are going through menopause or about to go through menopause i just turned 54 and i ve been through menopause as the song goes i wish i knew then what i know now i want to share with you what i do know now and i want to address your fears frustrations and concerns most of us have the same feelings when i turned forty two years old i remember noticing some changes taking place in my body first my periods became irregular then my joints began to ache when i laughed too hard there was the occasional embarrassing incontinence only old people did that i thought something was seriously wrong i knew i was too young to be starting the life change as my mom always called it gradually i began getting the hot flashes and the night sweats too i began noticing the decreased libido and vaginal dryness it was becoming obvious what was going on but i wanted confirmation i made a special appointment with my gynecologist i had been going to her for years i liked her a lot and i knew she would shoot straight well to confirm my suspicion she said that it was the beginning of my menopause i was not too young to start menopause she wanted to give me a prescription for hormone replacement therapy i took it with me but i really felt i needed to do some research on my own before having this filled i had to know in my heart that it was going to be the best choice for me she didn't ask me about which supplements i was taking what my diet was like or if i was exercising she didn't seem to relate my lifestyle to any of my symptoms questions began to plague me why didn't my mom have to take any hormones and she got through menopause just fine why is this happening to me at such a young age i have heard that when estrogen declines you can get certain types of cancers what if i get cancer what about my bones are they going to get real brittle am i going to get osteoporosis unless i go onto hrt am i going to age faster unless i go onto hrt will it protect me against strokes is my skin and vagina going to dry up unless i use hrt some information says that menopausal symptoms are only temporary is that true will i ever be interested in being intimate with my husband again how come other cultures in other countries women don't have the problems with menopause that we seem to have it sounds silly now but i had a huge concern whether i was going to get through this change and still be okay physically mentally and spiritually this is why i created this book just for you so that you can see that there is false information that has either been handed down by relatives or friends the pharmaceutical companies and even the medical profession there is plenty of information out there but a lot of it is not true a lot of it is to keep us in fear and to not think for ourselves but it doesn t have to be that way i have done the research for you the seven fears of menopause that you most women have in my experience as a health coach i find a lot of women are resisting their natural changes in transformations that are occurring you might be in denial of what is happening or you may be trying to desperately retreat back to behaviors and or patterns that filled your needs at an earlier time in your life you may spend time and energy attempting to fight and resist rather than expecting and embracing this change quite often this fear of embracing and going forward is so profound that it leads you to paralysis frustration and a feeling of isolation fears and anxieties about menopause can be created exaggerated or manipulated by the drug companies media pundits and self help gurus who focus attention on potential problems of menopause as well as the supposed solutions they are selling rather than providing a balanced and accurate picture of women s real experiences they focus on the marketing of their own products tests and services which can even be harmful and sometimes unnecessary do you have some of these common fears here's just a small sample of what you'll discover in this information packed ebook 1 the fear of physical changes this includes o weight gain is weight gain inevitable and what can be done about it page 12 o vaginal dryness what causes it and what are some solutions and what is the magic exercise every woman should do page 13 o osteoporosis what is it exactly and what are the 9 risk factors page 16 o i nsomnia what are the 6 tips to insure a good night s sleep page 18 o hair loss what causes hair loss and what are the 12 things you can do to stop hair loss page 20 o skin care what causes wrinkles and what are the 5 things that must be done to help skin maintain its youthful appearance also what are the top 10 products to never use on your skin pages 24 25 o hot flashes which foods to avoid that cause hot flashes page 27 what are the 7 ways to cool down a hot flash page 28 what are the 6 sure fire ways to help night sweats page 28 o sex drive what is normal and what are some tips and techniques to stay in the game page 31 o memory what are the 4 most common causes of memory loss what is the 7 step natural brainpower treatment that prevents memory loss pages 32 34 o mood what are the causes of moodiness and how can your mood be helped without taking medications page 35 2 the fear of being alone this includes o empty nest what is empty nest syndrome and why is it so impactful during menopause page 36 o fear of losing your partner what is the most important thing you need to do with your partner every day page 38 o lack of community what is the power of connection page 39 3 the fear of growing old this includes o negative factors what are the 13 negative factors than can accelerate the aging process page 40 o losing independence what is the importance of values page 41 o having less value in a youth culture why it is so important to remain relevant page 43 o loss of freedom what are the 4 secrets to be healthier and more mobile in menopause and beyond page 45 o lack of good self image what is the one exercise that will change your self image on a cellular level page 47 o loss of initiative what are the 13 powerful positive factors that help retard the aging process page 49 4 the fear of ill health or loss of health this includes o fear of economic toll why it is important to separate fear from reality and how you can change your reality page 51 o relying on others what is a simple exercise to help you learn to receive page 52 o having to take toxic medication what exactly is wellness and what is artificial health page 53 o relying on the medical community who can you trust pages 54 56 5 the fear of loss of sexuality and loss of femininity this includes o lack of sex drive what are the 4 things to always avoid when creating the mood pages 58 59 is the saying use it or lose it really true page 57 o loss of sexual attractiveness what are some tips and techniques to enhance sexual attractiveness and impact attitude page 60 o fear of losing your partner why it is about you not about them pages 61 62 6 the fear of knowing who to trust this includes o hrt hormone replacement therapy what are the pros and cons what are the benefits negative effects and risks pages 63 66 what are the 5 forms of treatment page 65 o natural remedies what is the herbal solution page 67 o other supportive therapies how can other supportive therapies help what about bioidentical hormones pages 68 70 7 the fear of loss of identity and purpose this includes o fear of getting to know yourself what is the daily habit you must acquire in order to create health and happiness page 71 o fear of not feeling needed what is the best way to connect to the world around and give focus outside of yourself page 73 o social demands how do you cope with a youth culture where women are held to rigid standards of youthful appearance pages 74 77 o lack of purpose what is everyone s purpose according to the dalai lama page 78 discover your true purpose in life by following one simple technique page 79 and much much more warning this book is not for every woman who this book is not for if you are a woman who relies strictly on medical advice and does not trust alternative solutions is not open to finding new solutions has no symptoms feels empowered feels connected and has perfect health and self image i would recommend that you consider more traditional approaches to menopause on the other hand this book is for you if you are a woman who is beginning to have symptoms of menopause thinks you are too young to be going through menopause but want to prepare for the future is going through menopause and you want a different perspective and looking for alternative solutions especially as it relates to hormone therapy feels isolated and alone and feels disconnected because of your transition is simply looking for healthy and fresh ideas to change your health appearance or energy level feels out of touch with your partner and is actively searching for answers to questions you don t even know how to ask what makes this book different there is no shortage of books on women s health issues especially menopause most are written by well credentialed experts who write about theory and give countless studies that have been researched indexed and published they are usually well intentioned and sometimes a bit self serving most are written by men i know because i have read most of them i wrote your beginner s guide to menopause because i wanted to share my own story and my own extensive research with you i want to open your eyes to the false data and misinformation that is out there i ve learned that the media the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry have vested interests in what you believe and the decisions you make based on the information you are given i want to provide you with the information you need to be empowered educated and independent and i want to do this with a simple easy to read book without all the medical jargon and 50 words this is a book for you to read and refer to over and over again at last a book about menopause all women can read and understand sheri a very caring professional health and wellness coach encapsulates highly significant and impressive knowledge and delivers it in a straightforward simple way no holds bar sheri tackles the pains as well as the joys of going through this natural change in a woman s life i encourage all women about to go or who are presently going through menopause to read this book and reap its benefits i know i for one shall recommend this work to my daughters and to my clients jacqueline marie cl ment bgs cert ed cbs professional health and wellness coach certified biofeeback specialist so here s the bottom line on this incredible resource menopause is the major hormonally tumultuous transition in a woman s life it is up to you to understand this change and bring order and control during this period of physiological chaos the important point to remember is that both medical and alternative treatments can only help with the symptoms of menopause to really affect the physiological basis of menopause it is up to you to give your body direction by managing your lifestyle which includes your body your mind and your spirit my book will provide ample resources to help you with this inner management this information is priceless your beginner's guide to menopause gives you all the very best advice and information on menopause in one easy to use resource why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn everything you need to know about menopause in one convenient inexpensive ebook you can learn all the information you will need to understand and cope with your menopausal symptoms naturally for the special introductory price of just 19 97 that's a full 23 00 off the regular price of 42 95 order now and you can be discovering the incredible value of your beginner's guide to menopause within just 5 minutes it's a digital book you'll receive simple instructions on how to download it right onto your computer no shipping fees no waiting for the mail order now take charge of your body and health today you have absolutely nothing to lose with my 60 day full money back guarantee just what exactly is our instant download feature even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it s incredibly easy to do just follow the simple instructions and by taking advantage of our instasnt download feature you will also enjoy these benefits no shipping costs no waiting time forget having to wait weks for delivery get instant access no risk of your book being lost or damaged in the mail here's how to order right now for an instant download of the book once your credit card is approved you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the ebook along with your free bonuses there are some who may need a little extra push to reach their new healthy menopause lifestyle goals so i added these 2 fabulous bonuses to help you bonus 1 a 45 minute personal coaching session 125 00 value we will use the health and wellness wheel dividing it into the most important aspects of your life by doing this it will become clear to you which area you will want to be coached on we will use a proven 7 step coaching program that will help bring balance into your life together we will address any obstacles that seem to be in your way and discover baby steps you may take to create a plan of action to move you forward using support and gentle accountability the coaching sessions are always confidential bonus 2 30 day follow up email coaching 100 00 value you will receive an email from me your coach on a weekly basis for 4 weeks as a follow up for the focus we established during the 45 minute coaching session you may also email me on a weekly basis with thoughts concerns etc what you receive may be articles health assessments or other information to help give you encouragement and support for your particular challenge at this time it will shed some light and show you what is possible for you emails to and from me are also always kept confidential 60 day guarantee i am so completely confident that you will be nothing less than totally delighted with my book your beginner s guide to menopause and that it will improve your life for the better that i am offering you this unconditional guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the book contact me at any time within 60 days of purchasing your beginner s guide to menopause to receive a full unconditional refund purchase today to guarantee your special discount and valuable gifts click here to purchase you will receive instant access to your books in adobe acrobat pdf format get immediate access in 5 minutes your order is 100 guaranteed and securely encrypted retail value 267 95 sale price only 19 97 included with your order you'll receive your beginners guide to menopause plus bonus 1 45 minute personal coaching intake session via telephone with me 125 value bonus 2 30 days of follow up email coaching with me 100 value and you will gain immediate access to your beginners guide to menopause plus both bonuses you'll find easy to follow instructions on how to access and read your electronic ebooks today no need to wait for the mail best in health sheri goddard the menopause coach p s the decision is yours you can purchase my comprehensive book your beginners guide to menopause and learn how to understand and be in control of your body's natural transition and embrace them or you can succumb to the fears and frustrations that can effect you health your emotions and your relationships click here to order now you have nothing to lose privacy policy terms of use disclaimer contact us become an affiliate copyright 2009 sherray llc

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