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Type Privately held company
Founded 2002
Headquarters Carlisle, Pennsylvania
IndustryCloud Computing, Platform as a Service
ProductsSaaS Complex Business Applications
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WorkXpress[1][2][3] is a visual language[4][5] cloud based application development environment and systems administration Platform as a Service based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.[6][7] The company, under the previous corporate name Express Dynamics, earned the Fab 5 award in 2006, which was presented by the Harrisburg Regional Chamber and CREDC.[8] The Fab 5 was a competition to find the "Top 5" companies in the region who had been in business two to five years and were headquartered in Cumberland, Dauphin or Perry counties Pennsylvania.

The cloud computing infrastructure offered by the company enables users to design and deliver customized SaaS applications without writing technical code. WorkXpress utilizes WYSIWYG visual tools in the form of 5 building blocks[9] and 5 tools [10] that enable non-code programmers the ability to define data models and application logic.[11]

Use of WorkXpress' visual query tool [12] and expression builder [13], two of the aforementioned 5 tools, provide WorkXpress a visual data map or "query" builder and allow for complex data driven content without writing technical code.[14]

WorkXpress has been independently labeled as a business user platform.[15][16] This designation relates to its purpose as an application development platform that does not require traditional code based programming.

Between December 2008 and August 2009, WorkXpress was chosen to be part of the Student Productization Center's Collaboration effort with Millersville University. Through it, WorkXpress supports Millersville students in learning.[17][18]

WorkXpress has been featured on TechQuest TV[19] hosted by Kelly Lewis[20], a monthly TV program showcasing technology leaders from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


WorkXpress is a visual software language Platform as a Service that enables non-programmers to create customized business applications, SQL database reporting, and handle information technology systems administration tasks.

The WorkXpress PaaS requires a web browser to access the cloud computing infrastructure.[21][22]

WorkXpress was built on well known components PHP and MySQL [11] and allows for API integrations without programming.[23]