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WikiSynergy Is a wiki set up to deal with controversial issues, especially those involving fringe science, the paranormal, and skepticism. It is meant to work on different levels, depending on what you need (see our goals). Here are some of the ways WikiSynergy can help you, and you —as part of the WikiSynergy community— can help it to grow and prosper:


We are set up to deal with controversy in a civil and reasonable manner.

A place in the sun

If you have content related to frontier subjects, putting yourself on WikiSynergy will help others to find and understand what you have to offer. You can help by linking to us!


We will eventually offer a wide range of information, from general articles on frontier topics to pages about groups, websites, blogs, books and other resources. We will also have essays, blogs, FAQs, general articles, and other resources.

Mutual aid

WikiSynergy is intended to help deal with the issues surrounding skepticism. See our article on dealing with controversy, and our skepticism project.