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WMS Industries Inc. — The Group's principal activity is to design, manufacture and market innovative video and mechanical reel spinning gaming machines and video lottery terminals. The gaming machines incorporate secondary bonus rounds, advanced graphics, digital sound and engaging game themes, some of which include popular songs and recognized trademarks. In addition to gaming machines, the Group sells replacement parts and game theme conversions of its gaming machines. The Group operates in the United States, Argentina, Australia, China, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. Trademarks of the Group include WMS Gaming, CPU-NXT®, Cabinet Bluebird® and brand names include MONOPOLYTM, POWERVALL® and TOP GUN™. On 13-Jul-2006, the Group acquired Orion Financement Company.

Name: WMS Industries Inc.

Address: 800 South Northpoint Blvd
City: Waukegan
State: IL
Zip: 60085
Country: United States
Phone: 847 785-3000


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