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Name: Vantage Outsourcing – Cataract Division

Address: 1901 S. Fourth St. Suite 22
City: Effingham
State: IL
Zip: 62401
Country: US
Phone: 877-564-3937
Email: []

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Vantage Outsourcing is mobile cataract company that provides ophthalmic instruments, equipment and services to hospitals and surgical facilities of all sizes in rural as well as metropolitan areas.

This unique turnkey cataract outsourcing service allows medical professionals to provide the latest in cataract surgery technology to their communities or accommodate multiple surgeons with their preferred equipment.

The major benefit of a Vantage cataract outsourcing partnership is that these facilities do not have come up with the upfront capital investment or take care of upgrades and maintenance on the expensive equipment.

Other benefits are that hospitals and surgery centers can save on inventory and administrative costs and run more cost-effective facilities. All these cataract outsourcing services can be considered an advantage as we move toward healthcare reform.

Included in the Vantage Outsourcing package is an experienced surgical coordinator, your surgeon’s choice of phacoemulsification equipment, microscopes and surgery supplies and instruments, including ophthalmic blades, intraocular lenses and disposables. You can also opt for Yag laser equipment. Vantage also takes care of the Medicare compliance paperwork. All the surgeon has to do is scrub in and perform the surgery.

Contact Vantage Outsourcing to see what we can do to provide efficient operation and turnover for your OR today. Call 1-877-564-3937 or visit


1. Surgical Coordinator 2. Phacoemulsification Equipment 3. Microscopes 4. Surgery Supplies and Instruments 5. Yag Laser Equipment 6. Medicare Compliance 7. External Links Surgical Coordinator

Vantage Surgical Coordinators are professionals and have gone through the necessary screening and background checks before being hired by Vantage. Surgical Coordinators also are required to go through additional training to gain expert knowledge in the use and maintenance of ophthalmic equipment and products.

The professional Surgical Coordinator assists the staff in the operating room before, during and after surgeries and helps to clean and sterilize equipment between surgeries.

Phacoemulsificaton Equipment

You can always request the most up-to-date phacoemulsificaton equipment. Cataract outsourcing provides a way for surgeons to try out new equipment or for facilities to test out the cataract surgery market without the upfront expense.

Some of the more popular or most requested phacoemulsification equipment is listed on the Vantage Outsourcing website, including brands like Alcon and Bausch and Lomb. However, if a surgeon has a particular preference not listed, Vantage Outsourcing will provide your surgeons with the equipment they want. Backup equipment is available on surgery day as well.


As with all equipment and supplies, Vantage is committed to providing medical partners with equipment they need at an affordable price. This includes ophthamology operating microscopes from such names as Leica and Carl Zeiss. Another preferred brand can be provided upon request.

Surgery Supplies and Instruments

All surgical supplies and instruments, such as calipers, tissue forceps, iris spatula, ophthalmic blades, disposables, intraocular lenses etc., from any supplier can be requested by your surgeon. These surgical necessities will be customized according to each surgeon’s specifications. Extra supplies are brought by the Surgical Coordinator on surgery day.

Because Vantage Outsourcing maintains consignments from all vendors and, in turn, is a supplier to their clients, these customers are relieved from the administrative overhead of managing, reporting and replenishing inventory. It also eliminates overstocking and waste because your surgeons are supplied with exactly what they need.

Yag Laser Equipment

As with all the cataract surgery equipment and supplies, if your surgeon incorporates Yag laser technology, we can provide what they need to perform their quality surgeries.

Medicare Compliance

Vantage Outsourcing takes care of all compliance and regulations standards. This includes compliance paperwork required by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). This allows you to streamline administrative functions and focus on improving productivity External Links

Vantage Outsourcing

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