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UMBRELLA Consulting
UMBRELLA Consulting
Type Public
Founded GR (2007)
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Key peopleYiannis Sourvinos (Founder, Chairman, President and CEO)
George Delaportas (Co-founder, Vice President and CIO)

IndustryComputer software
IT Services
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UMBRELLA Consulting, abbreviated UMBRELLA is a multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in Corfu, Greece. UMBRELLA develops innovative software, and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in many areas. UMBRELLA Consulting has a vision. In UMBRELLA Consulting we believe in a future world that the state of the art technology will lead. Our aim is to provide the best technologies available on the market and to innovate in developing even more advanced technologies for specific areas. UMBRELLA Consulting offers system engineering, software engineering and web development solutions in many fields too.

Our motto is: The leaders of the future, NOW!

Our slogan is: Total ICT solutions under an UMBRELLA.

Innovative projects

UMBRELLA has developed many innovative e-platforms.

UMBRELLA has developed an innovative e-commerce platform called stands for My Hotels, Restaurants and Cafe-bars, is an e-platform targeted to hoteliers, restaurant managers and cafe-bar managers. manages over the Internet the world wide e-commerce system.

UMBRELLA has developed stands for revolutionary mathematics and is a mathematics platform that solves ambiguous number equations in polynomial time on a typical computer rather than hours or years on a super computer cluster! is a very useful platform for ultra fast number crunching and for decryption algorithms.

Open source projects

UMBRELLA has developed numerous open source solutions.

UMBRELLA has developed ALPHA CMS. ALPHA CMS is the last more fascinating project. ALPHA CMS is an A.P.I - free, MVC based Content Management System. ALPHA CMS architecture gives the ability to easily create advanced web pages, add-ons or even other CMS. ALPHA CMS is based on PHP, Smarty, JavaScript and MySQL. ALPHA CMS

UMBRELLA is currently developing UMBRELLA CMS. UMBRELLA Consulting – Content Management System, U-CMS for short, is a unified platform for managing web contents. U-CMS approach is rather different than other CMS such as Joomla! or Drupal.

U-CMS is merging together many different web technologies and gives to the developer – programmer a unified and common language to create, design and alter these web contents. U-CMS also offers a unique way to solve problems, avoid errors and forget about warnings and bugs. In a few words, U-CMS is a framework that integrates its own A.P.I, sets its own features and introduces a unified programming language. The U-CMS meta-language is called UMBRELLA - Web Script and is a subset of UMBRELLA – Script.

U-CMS is based on the most recent web standards, the most powerful development languages, the most proven databases and smart libraries.

Web standards:

  • XML
  • SMIL

Development languages:

  • PHP
  • Java Script
  • AJAX
  • Java / Java Servlets
  • C++


  • MySQL
  • MS-SQL


  • Moo Tools

U-CMS also comes with an advanced “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) web editor that gives the ability to the developer – programmer or to the final user to edit visually in real time all the web contents in the front end.

In conclusion, U-CMS is an easy, flexible and unified platform for fast and reliable development of professional, advanced and high quality web content.

UMBRELLA has developed WASP. UMBRELLA Consulting WASP is an innovative floating GUI. WASP is suitable for almost all hi-tech and new wave sites. Enjoy using the WASP Version 1.0 integrated to UMBRELLA Consulting site. UMBRELLA Consulting

UMBRELLA has developed G.A.N.N. Geeks Artificial Neural Network (G.A.N.N) is an open source project that started with the philosophy of being a new more advanced A.N.N that works as a platform for other applications. In other words, G.A.N.N should be considered as a "Black Box". G.A.N.N

UMBRELLA has developed iVSwap. iVSwap is a simple function which can be used as a library and swaps values between two variables in a mathematical way using a classic Boolean algebra law without the need of a buffer! The advantages of this technique is speed and portability. iVSwap

Contributions and funds

Founder and CEO of UMBRELLA Consulting, Yiannis Survinos, has funded Wikipedia in 2007.
Co-founder and CIO of UMBRELLA Consulting, George Delaportas, has contributed to Wikipedia for a while.


UMBRELLA Consulting innovated even in ICT terms and the English language now has a few new words.
UMBRELLA Consulting has introduced the terms:

  • Glocal - Global and local
  • e-nnovation - Electronic innovation (innovation on the Internet)
  • Ad2Ad - Advertisement to advertisement (a way of advertising on other advertising)

UMBRELLA Consulting has a new wave culture and promotes the innovations from itself.


[1] - UMBRELLA Consulting presenting the ALPHA CMS. - ALPHA CMS

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