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Egypt is known for its natural beauty and deep heritage which is why it is one of the most sought after countries when it comes to holidays. Egypt tours tend to attract a huge number of both local and foreign tourists. Egypt vacations are not limited when it comes to activities and sights as visitors are treated to a wide array of tours.

The following are three tours to take in Egypt:

1. Egypt Fishing Holidays: Egypt attracts many fishing enthusiasts. The Red Sea, Gulf of Suez and Lake Nasser are just some of the best fishing points the world has to offer. Most fishing enthusiasts will argue that Lake Nasser is one of the best if not the best fresh water fishing lake in the world. With 32 unique species of fish this destination attracts fishers and documentary makers from far and wide. The tiger fish and Nile perch tend to be the two most sought after fish in the lake though different species of tilapia and catfish are quite common in this lake. The Gulf of Suez and Red Sea some of the places which bring Egypt a great following of tourists. The Red Sea is always bustling with fish all year round and attracts are good number of deep sea divers too.

2. Historical Tours: Egypt vacations are famous for their culture and history. So complex is Egypt that one can learn anything from the history of mankind to the world’s most intricate building designs. Egypt is home to over 100 pyramids, the Giza pyramids being the most notable. These magnificent pieces of architecture are said to have been burial tombs for Egypt’s Kings and Queens while others say they were symbolic as a stairway to heaven for the rulers, whatever you choose to believe one thing is for sure; they are the a beauty. Mystery still surrounds how Egyptians’ in the early times managed to build such monuments. Most tourists will have pyramids as their first stop in Egypt as is evident in almost all Egypt tour packages.

3. Museum Visit: Egypt tours are incomplete without a visit to The Egyptian Museum which is based at the now famous Tahrir square in Cairo. The museum is home to the treasures of King Tutankhamen and holds his personal belongings as well as the solid gold death mask often said to be the one of the most beautiful objects in the world. Other items you will find at the Egyptian museum are: an assortment of mummies, jewelry and displays of Egypt’s ancient ruling days. Boasting of over 120,000 works of art well placed on the 107 halls, the museum has an amazing collection and depicts the culture of the people of Egypt and their evolved way of life. This museum receives numerous tourists yearly with Egyptians also making a large part of the visits.

Egypt is without a doubt a country with great scenery and deep rooted culture. Egypt tour packages are bound to leave you wanting to visit this picturesque country over and over again.