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| company_name = TipToken | company_slogan = Tip the deal, get the Token | company_type = Private Company | genre = | foundation = 2010 | founder = | location = Template:Country data UK London,UK | key_people = Jamie Waldegrave, partner
Chris Huey, Partner | industry = [[NAICS_Code1_Title::Group Buying] | products = [Anything from resturants to scuba diving!] | parent = | subsid = | owner = | contact = [[]}}

TipToken is group buying company located in London, UK. It is a new start up in this industry, and is growing fast.


TipToken started business in 2010 in a Marylebone, London. It was formed by Chris Huey and Jamie Waldegrave, after working for a number of years in the financial services industy. They launched TipToken in December 2010, and have plans to expand fast.

TipToken works by negotiating discounts on things to do around London. They then advertise them on the website. A counter shows how many people have bought at any time, and when a predefined number have bought, the deal 'tips' and everyone is emailed a 'token'. This allows them to negotaite group discounts on things to do and try.

The industry is moving fast, but TipToken have built up a loyal subscriber base and are able to promise small businesses a good number of new customers.


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