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Three Days Grace (also known as 3DG or TDG) is a Canadian hard rock/post-grunge band formed in 1997.[1] The band consists of Adam Gontier, Neil Sanderson, Brad Walst and Barry Stock.


Beginning (1992-2003)

Adam, Brad, and Neil originally formed a band called Groundswell[2] in 1992 during their freshmen year of high school. Their friend made up the fourth member of the band, but he left in 1997. The three remained a trio and renamed to Three Days Grace, which was a name Brad came up with. Three Days Grace have a new cd called One-X.

In 2000, the band released a 3 song self-titled demo and relocated from Norwood to Toronto. They met producer Gavin Brown[2], who was formerly a member of the band Big Sugar. Brown helped produce their self-titled debut album, Three Days Grace, which was released in 2003; it reached the top ten of the American albums chart, the top 100 of the Canadian Billboard 200 albums chart, and number-2 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart.

Three Days Grace (2003-2006)

Upon completion of the album the band recruited Barry Stock to help on lead guitar to give Adam breathing room on stage and on tour.[1]

The album's lead single, "I Hate (Everything About You)" reached number one on the US Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts and number two on the Canadian Rock charts. Their second single "Just Like You" gave the group a second number-one in America and also hit number one on rock charts in Canada.

Their third single "Home" was also a hit, charting at #2 on the US Modern Rock chart, and was the second most played Active Rock song of 2005. A fourth single, "Wake Up," was a Canadian only radio released and also achieved success on the Canadian Rock chart. Videos for the first three singles were widely played on MTV, MTV2, Muchmusic/Fuse.

In 2004, Gavin Brown won a Juno Award for his production work on Three Days Grace and Try Honesty by Billy Talent in the Juno Awards of 2004 for his production of the album. The band was also nominated for New Group of the Year losing out to Billy Talent.

In 2005, Adam went to rehab for an addiction to Oxycontin at the Toronto rehab center CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), which is where many of the songs for One-X were written, including Animal I Have Become, Over and Over, Pain and a few more. He is still sober.

One-X (2006-Present)

On March 31, 2006, the band released their first single off of their album One-X entitled "Animal I Have Become," which managed to reach number one on both the US Modern Rock and US Mainstream Rock. One-X was released on June 13, 2006, and landed at #5 on the Billboard 200. In the record's first week, it sold over 78,000 copies.

On December 1st, Three Days Grace joined Nonpoint, Flyleaf, Stone Sour, and Disturbed for one show on the "Music As A Weapon" tour. They performed the songs Animal I Have Become, Pain, Time Of Dying, Riot, Scared, I Hate (Everything About You), and Home. The outcome of their performance turned out very well.

The album's second single "Pain" was also released topping the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts in December of 2006 and the Modern Rock Tracks Chart in February of 2007. "Never Too Late" was released as the third single off of One-X in April of 2007. "Never Too Late" marks their third consecutive #1 single from One-X in the Active Rock charts and their 5th overall consecutive #1 song in their career.

The band is currently on tour with Breaking Benjamin, and in April, they did a one day concert at various cities with Breaking Benjamin, Buckcherry, Hinder, and ZZ Top. They have taken a short indefinite hiatus until further notice as Neil's wife Janin recently gave birth to their daughter, Violet.

Discography - Albums

Album cover Album information
Wave of Popular Feeling (as Groundswell)
  • Released: 1995 (Canada)
  • Label: Independent
  • Chart Positions: Did not chart.
  • RIAA Certification: Private release
  • US Sales: N/A
  • Canada Sales: N/A
  • Singles: Eddie, Poison Ivy, Stare
Three Days Grace
Third Studio Album
  • Released: ca. 2008
  • Label: Jive Records
  • Chart Positions: Has not yet been released.
  • RIAA Certification: Has not yet been released.
  • US Sales: TBA
  • Canada Sales: TBA
  • Singles: TBA

Unreleased Songs

This is a list of songs that are in some type of recording but haven't been widely released. Bonus tracks are included.

From Three Days Grace Demo

  • TV
  • In Front Of Me
  • This Movie
  • My Own Life

From Three Days Grace

  • Are you Ready

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Country: Canada
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