Directory:Things All Young Drivers Should Not Do When Getting Car Insurance

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When you're buying car insurance as a first time driver or young driver car insurance, the insurance rate is going to be expensive. It may seem unfair that older drivers pay less for insurance but statistics show that younger drivers are more likely to have an accident.

But here are some of the things new drivers should not do in order to avoid paying higher car insurance rates:

Become a Named Driver on Your Parent's Car Insurance

Many young drivers will insure their cars in their parents' names to avoid paying high insurance premiums in their first years of driving. This may save you money at first but in the long run your likely to pay more because you would not have qualified for a no claims discount. As a named driver you propose that you are not the main driver of the vehicle which means you are not clocking up valuable driving experience, which is the reason for offering a bonus. Cheaper motor insurance [1]in the long run will help if you have a no claims bonus.

Insuring yourself as a named driver on your parents insurance is actually called 'fronting.' In a worst case scenario the insurance company may not believe that you are using the car just occasionally and if you were to make a claim it could be invalid. So you may spend a little more up front, but if it's your car, and you are the main driver, insure it in your name. In the long run this is the best route to cheaper car insurance for younger drivers.

Choosing a high performance car

Many young drivers - and especially young males - want their first car to a be a high performance one. Faster and more powerful cars tend to be placed in higher insurance groups. Higher engine size and a higher spec means a higher premium. Choose a car that is suitable for an inexperienced driver. High performance cars are generally not suitable for younger drivers and certainly not teenage drivers. Cheap car insurance and other running costs such as petrol, parts and servicing, will also be comparatively high.


When giving a quote insurance companies will ask if any modifications have been made to your car. If you have modifications, you are likely to pay more for your insurance. This is because the modifications made will make your car more likely to be stolen, broken in to, or increase your chance of being involved in an accident.

Generally, car insurance companies don't like modifications. If the engine size has been increased, the car goes faster and it's going to increase your risk of being involved in an accident, so it will certainly increase your premium.

If you are thinking about modifying your car, check with an insurance company first, but the best advice for young drivers looking for cheap car insurance is to go for a car without any modifications.