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SloganYour Full Service Phone Company
Think Technology. Think Smart.
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded 1992
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Santa Clarita|Santa Clarita]] [[State_Name:=California|California]]
Key peopleRick Zandrelli, CEO
Brendo Buenaluz, CTO
Alan Ibrahim, CIO
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Technology Service Provider|Technology Service Provider]]
Contact 24911 Ave. Stanford, Suite 207
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
[ TEKSMART website]
Reference NAICS: 517, 518111
Region: [[Region1:=Los Angeles County|Los Angeles County]]
Latitude: 34°26'
Longitude: -118°34'

TEKSMART is a next-generation full service telecommunications company. Headquartered in Los Angeles, TEKSMART offers an integrated suite of information technology: Access, Service and Support. With expertise in Telecom, Internet, Computing and Data Networks, TEKSMART delivers productivity and cost-efficient solutions that award competitiveness.


Simple yet specific. Our mission is to successfully facilitate technology needs. In detail, we strive to integrate and maximize Information Technology solutions. We meet this challenge by offering superior client care, distinctive services, competitive pricing, productivity innovation and qualitative intellect. At TekSmart, we perform to exceed and maximize to succeed.

Core Services

As a Technology Service Provider we facilitate personalized solutions in Telecommunications, Internet, DataNetworks and Computing. As a next generation phone company we deliver reliable access, superior service and skilled support. From assessment to completion, TekSmart purports solid management of any technology endeavor. Whatever you Information Technology (IT) needs may be, you can count on our expertise.

Convergence of IT main sectors (Telecom, Internet, DataNets, Computing), allows clients to achieve smart integration of services, acute consolidation and greater purchasing power. Via our integral direction, Access of technology is standardize, while Service from technology is simplified and Support for technology is maximized.

Studies show that corporate growth may be attain by focusing in core competencies while outsourcing non critical functions to experts. This concept gives rise to our Virtual Technology Dept. Service. Companies can now have their own IT dept. without the potential infrastructure or labor costs. Yet, for businesses with established IT departments, TekSmart augments their efforts by relieving IT personnel from non-crucial tasks. This flexibility in strategic collaboration makes TekSmart unique in the industry.

In a nutshell, TekSmart offers integrated value added Information Technology services.
Telecom | Internet | DataNets | Computing | Support | Counsel

Value Added Services

We manage all aspect of IT services, yet our solutions are also enhanced by our value added services. Our belief is not in just selling a service or product. We believe in a consultative approach that embellishes the business relationship beyond the basics. Our commitment to innovation gives us the edge in offering "best in class" value added, while our resolve to meet your needs provide "exclusive" availability of value added services. Value added service is an element of our differential competitive factor.

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