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Graciela ‘Tata’ Harper grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia in a family of entrepreneurs and farm owners. As a young teen, she started her own clothing company, made cheese and participated in cattle auctions with her stepfather. Tata graduated from the Institúto Tecnológico de Monterrey with a degree in Industrial Engineering, and since graduation she has managed a real estate development company, which she helped create, led the startup of a boutique hotel and restaurant chain, and was part of a team that ran a cellular company in South America.

In 2007, Tata founded the all natural beauty and wellness company Tata Harper. Tata Harper is a Vermont Based Beauty and Wellness company that uses 100% all Natural and Non-Toxic ingredients to: Fight Free Radicals, Feed Botanical Vitamins, Moisturize, Cleanse Toxins and lift the Spirits. An engineer by training and an entrepreneur by experience, Tata felt compelled to offer women a delicious yet results oriented solution that is safe and 100% all natural.

Tata lives between Manhattan, NYC and 1,200 acres of organically managed farmland in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. She resides with her husband Henry, her son Hunter, her daughter Grace Paloma (born yesterday: March 2nd at 8:26AM!), and their dogs, cats, cows, goats, and horses.

Tata Harper Tata Harper is an all natural beauty and wellness company founded by Graciela ‘Tata’ Harper, a health advocacy maven who deeply believes that women should not need to sacrifice their health for their beauty. For years Tata was an avid user of the most ‘prestigious’ skin care products until she discovered that so many of them had ingredients with potential links to cancer, hormone disruption, birth defects and other maladies due to sustained use. Women were risking their health with no knowledge! Upon this discovery, Tata began a mission, both for herself and for all women, to find a skin care regimen that would be: (a) 100% All Natural and contain no toxic nor synthetic/questionable ingredients whatsoever-NO PARABENS; NO PEGS; NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL; NO PETROCHEMICAL BYPRODUCTS; (b) functionally better than the high-performance chemical-based products; and (c) an exceptionally pleasing experience upon application (unlike some of the products she had been using). To Tata’s astonishment, such a product line did not exist! Subsequent to 4 years of research and investigation both within the US and globally, Tata assembled a team of the World’s top chemists, botanists, herbalists, and formulators and engineered a line of skin care products that deliver highly effective results and a pleasing experience.

Tata Harper currently offers the following all natural paraben free beauty and wellness products:

Face Skin Care:
Regenerating Cleanser
Rebuilding Moisturizer
Hydrating Floral Essence
Replenishing Nutrient Complex
Rejuvenating Serum
Restorative Eye Creme
Resurfacing Mask

Body Skin Care:
Strengthening Body Lotion
Revitalizing Body Oil

Aromatic Bedtime Treatment
Aromatic Irritiability Treatment
Aromatic Stress Treatment

Health Advocacy: The Environmental Working Group (EWG), in conjunction with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, created a database called Skin Deep to publicize the toxicity/hazard ratings for an extensive cross-section of personal care products. The EWG has shed light on the lack of regulation by the FDA of the beauty sector and continues to educate women as to the dangers of carcinogenic toxins contained in many of the personal care products available in the market.

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