Sylvie De Caluwé

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Sylvie De Caluwé
The Belgium Bomb
Sylvie De Caluwe 1.jpg
Sylvie De Caluwé is a rising Belgian model
Residence Template:Country data BE [[City:=Bruges|Bruges]], [[Country Name:=Belgium|BE]]
Born [[Birth Date:=1986-02-13|1986-02-13]]
Known for P Magazine, Ché, Maxim
Occupation Model, Actress, Television announcer
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Sylvie De Caluwé (born 1986-02-13, in Torhout, Belgium) is an up and coming Belgian model and television presenter. She began modeling at age 14. Her career has taken off since a photo shoot for P Magazine. After that, the offers started rolling in from other serial publications like Ché and Maxim.

From her popularity as a model, she was asked by SBS Broadcasting to be an announcer on shows aired on the VT4 and VIJFtv channels. In 2007, De Caluwe appears on the show "Gunk TV", which has been targeted to a young audience of technophiles and gamers, but the program hopes that De Caluwe will appeal to a more general audience.

She is 5 feet, 4.5 inches tall. She is studying Tourism and Hairdressing. She enjoys dining, walking on the beach, cinema, and dancing.


  • "Of course I find myself pretty! But in a different way than I think you do." (Translated from Dutch)
  • "I have been playing computer and video games since I was eight. The boys in my neighborhood had Nintendo, and I would play Super Mario there on a daily basis. It wasn't much later that my brother and I got a Sega. We both wanted as many games as possible, and that ended of course in infinitely many brawls. Our parents went completely crazy over this." (Translated from Dutch)

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Video gallery

The following video features Sylvie De Caluwe (with brunette hair) in an advertisement for P Magazine:

The following video features Sylvie De Caluwe during a photo shoot for P Magazine on Aruba:

The following video features Sylvie De Caluwe rooting for her favorite soccer team:

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