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Name: Stain Warrior

Address: P.O. Box 1282
City: Doylestown
State: Pennsylvania
Zip: 18901
Country: USA
Phone: 215-489-9336
Email: []

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Stain Warrior™ is ideal for cleaning carpet stains and odors to get your carpet looking and smelling like new. These innovative products will become an integral part of your carpet-cleaning arsenal.
Stain Warrior™ Spot Remover uses a scientifically proven blend of compounds to get down to the root of your carpet fiber and blast the stain away from the inside out. This unique blend enables Stain Warrior™ Spot Remover to work at the molecular level to make your carpet stain vanish.
Stain Warrior™ Odor Buster works in a similar fashion to the original Stain Warrior™ Spot Remover. While Stain Warrior™ Spot Remover puts its strength behind removing the most difficult stains from your carpeting, Stain Warrior™ Odor Buster puts its muscle into removing the most pungent and stinky carpet odors.

Stain Warrior is Great For The Following Carpet Stains

- Food Stains on Carpet
- Cleaning Wine Stains from Carpet
- Carpet Vomit Stain Removal
- Cleaning Blood Stains from Carpet
- Removing Pet Stains from Carpet
- and much more!

Stain Warrior is Great for the Following Carpet Odors

- Cat Urine Odor Removal
- Cleaning Vomit Smells from Carpet
- Cleaning Feces Smells from Carpet
- and much more!

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