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Slow Exposure
A recent Slow Exposure model.
SloganReal Women. Real Beauty.
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Founded [[Year_Started:=2009|2009]]
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Slow Exposure is an acclaimed[1] New York-based erotic blog featuring women in an informal interview situation gradually disrobing on instructions from an off-screen voice. The models are recruited through responses to advertisements and casting calls. Almost all are amateurs with no previous experience of nude modeling. The aim of the website is to produce erotic material featuring nudity, and the implied exhibitionism and voyeurism, while avoiding the cliches of internet pornography. The content is softcore, and the site places a premium on respecting the persons and individuality of the models. All content is produced for, and is unique to, Slow Exposure.

Structure and Membership

Each interview is divided into five segments. In the first, the model introduces herself. In the second, viewers learn more about her and what she is wearing, and some of her clothing is loosened or unfastened. In the third segment, she undressed to her bra and pants. These three segments are available free to all visitors to the site.

The fourth and fifth segments involve partial and finally complete nudity. These can be viewed by members only (subscription is currently $9.99 per month). The site generally posts a nude model each week. The interviews are unrehearsed.


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