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Name: Simpler Consulting

City: Ottumwa
State: IA
Country: US
Phone: 703.490.3054
Email: []
Web: []
Contact: David K. Carroll

Simpler Consulting, Inc. (“Simpler”), founded in 1996, is the fastest growing, dedicated Lean Transformation ("Lean") consulting company in the world today. In five (5) of the ten(10) intervening years, Simpler has doubled its revenues and has expanded geographically to Europe, Latin America and the United Kingdom. Simpler now employees in excess of 150 consultants. Simpler has leveraged its industry knowledge and experience to facilitate Lean-Six Sigma ("LSS") enterprise transformations at entities in a wide variety of industries, as well as at entities in the public sector. These implementations have occurred in over 20 countries and at over 500 organizations. Simpler's customers range in size from 50 employees to well over 20,000. Simpler’s primary mission is providing Lean enterprise implementation assistance to major business enterprises and government agencies worldwide. On an enterprise-wide basis, we transform the business operations of entire companies and agencies, leading to more efficient operations. In this regard, we have more than ten(10) years of experience providing Lean implementation services for supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, re-manufacturing, repair and overhaul maintenance, service administration and health care activities. Simpler is engaged in over two hundred (200) enterprise-wide LSS commercial transformations in the United States.

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