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Jessica Simpson heels[1] comes from Jessica's own taste and sense of fashion concerning what women need to wear when we work or play. Given that he has a ton of style it is no wonder that he would create a line of shoes, handbags and accessories that would appeal to most women. As famous as he is in the entertainment world, he is fast becoming an icon in the fashion world as well. It seems as though critics need to hate her offerings but at some point we discover that her products are sophisticated and elegant. Her business now generates millions of dollars for retailers around the world. Suffice to say there's lots of retail stores very happy with how the shoes are performing.

Jessica Simpson is becoming four of the most popular fashion designers in the business, much to the chagrin of her critics. The fact is Jessica Simpson heels are sexy, sophisticated and affordable for almost any woman. The styles range from sexy high heels to alluring flats.

Jessica Simpson heels are created for every woman. we are made with comfort and elegance in mind. The designers wanted to make her shoes and other accessories available to woman all over. Her shoes in particular are very sexy and fun yet priced affordable. These shoes are very sophisticated and expensive, yet we are very affordable. we make you feel like you're wearing expensive designer-quality shoes but not at the price.

The shoes the designers have created are very comfortable despite some having towering heels. The key is the soft footbed in the platform soles. Women are pleasantly surprised that the heels may be high but the comfort allows for long periods of comfortable wear.

Summer 2008 will see a a mix of trendy shoes and sandals. The shoes will be sexy and good whether we are worn during a night of dancing, cruising around the beach or basically being casual hanging out with friends. Cork platform wedge shoes are popular this summer as are stylish platform slingbacks in a variety of colors. Dress pumps are also popular offerings in the shoe line. "Gladiator" style shoes are also very popular as well. Round toe shoes are the norm for this summer. The heels remain high for this this summer. Most of the Jessica Simpson heels are sporting heels up to 4 ½ inches.