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Bruno Schiepan
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Contemporary Artist-Bruno Schiepan
Residence Paris, France
Born [[Birth_Date:=1959|1959]]
Contact 70 rue des Rondeaux
Paris,   FR  75020
+33 +1
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Contemporary French Painter and Sculptor - Bruno Schiepan
|Contemporary painter]]

Bruno Schiepan has built a highly personal universe where every work is part of the vaster ensemble he strives to portray. One subject seems to obsess him : human representation. But this involves an unlikely sort of human, more lik a motif that enables his compositions and colors to absorb us. From the outset Schiepan found his own language, one that he continues to develop. In his work here is no danger of the void ; the surface is divided like a jigsaw-puzzle whose colors cleverty aborb all collisions. Nothing is allowed to disturb the calm surface of the paint whose apparent flatness containts hidden depths.

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His colors are bright and lively, yet never clash, whatever the series or period. Schiepan always feels the need for a motif, even though his sober visual language and repetitive compositions can verge on the abstract.

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For Schiepan the use of figures is a self-evident necessity. Yet his forms evoke more than the stories he allows us to see. His figures, frozen in pointless expectation, tell us something about our own era. Like the clones we may soon encounter in the future, everything about them leads toward the vain quest for a perfect world. Bruno Schiepan has created a colorful universe all his own, peopled by strange, round creatures, recurring figures which proliferate in false playlets of everyday life, whose titles mark the cycle of a never-ending story like the circle Schiepan loves to use as a symbol of eternal renewal.

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He prefers affinities to influences and refuses to join any artistic movement, steering clear of convoluted speeches about contempory art and ideas of a world where the work itself is of secondary importance. This reflects one of the aim of Happy Painting]] to rekindle the lost link with the public, who have been led to believe by some art market that is more important to understand art than to like it.

Design : Knoll Mobiles/Alibis

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Design : Knoll Saarinen

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