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REMONDIS is a general waste and recycling business that provides municipal, residential and commercial customers with sustainable solutions. REMONDIS is committed to balancing environmental, social and economic accountability through innovative waste and landfill efforts. This business provides quality service while continuously improving to meet environmental objectives.

REMONDIS is internationally established within 28 countries on three different continents with over 500 locations and visits over 82,000 households weekly in Auckland, NZ alone. This traditional, family run company has the force of a big enterprise yet still embodies an innovative mind set to ensure they are keeping up with modern enhancements and developing initiative recycling products and supplying alternative forms of energy. Some of their future-oriented endeavours include a biomass-fired power plant and a refused derived fuel plant which are located on site in the recycling plant in Lunen, Germany.

REMONDIS is proud to be working in the Auckland and Rodney districts in New Zealand and help maintain the countries immense beauty and environmental wellness. Service excellence and sustainability lie at the core of REMONDIS and it is concerned with not only with maintaining a clean environment today but how they can preserve our earth for the generations to come.


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