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Ahhh where to begin ... Once upon a time ... nope, sounds too cliche ... A long long time ago ... nope, copyright infringement ... In the begining ... hmm ... nope, been done before

November 15 1965 a son was born to William Fred Martin and Mary Elizabeth Blanchard Martin and they knew right off there was something special about this little boy. As the years went by it was evident that this child was destined for greatness. From kindergarten through high school Randy William Martin was always the class clown often making other kids laugh ... he was so good at comedy that he often got many many requests to join the principal in his office often for hours at a time, oh yeah, Randy was surely on his way. Once in high school Harwood Union in Moretown Vermont, he fine tuned his abilities making it to stage crew of the school play. He worked hard on Peter Pan watching the actors and actressess, and the following year while working on Once Upon A Mattress he tried out his new talents behind the scenes, mimicking the cast. Well the stage director knew what he must do with the incredible talents of Randy, he knew he was just way to qualified to be on stage crew anymore ... so Randy was kicked off, never to return again.

Once out of school Randy became R.W. Martin ... performing at local variety shows and local hotels as such famous people as Elvis, Weird Al, Michael Jackson, Jim Carrey and so many more. Then with the invention of the good ol' WWW R.W. was now ready to take on the entire world. R.W. began putting up websites everywhere he could find a free site ... and uploading videos to as many video sharing sites as possible. But for some strange reason R.W. has yet to get that call from Steven Spielberg asking him to star in his next movie ... it is a shame too as there are just no limits to the talents he has.

Maybe someone reading this could visit his sites and see for themselves ... it is time fro R.W. to hit the BIG screen ... ok maybe a small screen but at any rate can someone give R.W. his well deserved shot?

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