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How to Use QROPS When Retiring

In this current financial situation, deciding on the wisest means to invest your pension money when you get to retirement is all the more essential - as the money you receive as your income after you retire will not go anywhere near as far as it once did, owing to the fast growth in the cost of everyday items such as food and fuel; and the price of annuities in the first place has never been really excessive. What’s more, your pension pot will have been growing more slowly recently than it did in earlier years thanks to the sluggishly performing stock exchanges and the commensurate dip in dividend payments during the economic slump of the last several years.

This problem is made worse by the situation of people on average staying alive longer than previously thanks to the fantastic advances in modern medical science, and with the British populous aging each year owing to a gradually dipping birth rate. All this makes the decision of where you are going to invest your pension pot all the more essential: this sum represents a lifetime’s payments and your single opportunity to find a suitable pension into your old age, so it is very crucial that you make the right choice when deciding what you are going to do with it.

The question of what to do with your pension funds can be rendered even more important and complicated by a decision to move to another country - the taxman has allowed you to save this money from your income all the way through your working life without making you pay tax on it, so they are reluctant to watch you take this lump sum to another nation when you retire as the British taxman misses out on the tax you would pay everytime you make a purchase with it if you retired in Britain. Therefore if you are looking to retire to the sun with your pension lump sum you will have to be positive you do this scrupulously so as to minimise your tax burden whilst also making sure you are totally compliant with the laws both in Britain and in the country you want to move to. To minimise your taxes, click here.

This is where a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme comes in. The QROPS pension is a very useful piece of legislation for someone seeking to retire in the sun; one which the British government was obliged to permit following an EU directive from 2006. The gist of the QROPS rules is that if you are going to retire to a different country then by picking a scheme that is accepted by the British government, and by moving your pot to a state whose jurisdiction in this matter has also been recognised in the UK, then you can have far stronger grasp of your funds than would otherwise have been the case, and therefore you will legitimately be allowed to limit your tax obligation to HMRC. For more details, please see QROPS pension plan.

Amongst the more successful uses of this ruling is US QROPS - if you’re considering retiring to Florida, as a great many Brits do every year, then you ought to definitely consider using a QROPS to move your pension fund around with you by the most simple means available.