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Word Games puzzles.

Punzhu Puzzles publishes a variety of word games including “Roundabout” and Four Words”.


A Roundabout is a circle divided into sections. Each section contains one letter. To solve a Roundabout you make as many words as you can using the letters in that Roundabout.

Each word you make must contain the minimum number of letters as defined on that page. For example: “Make words containing 3 or more letters using the letters in the Roundabout circle.” Some Roundabouts have a “Secret Word” you must find.


A "Four Words" puzzle is a large square with a smaller square inside it. The smaller square contains a number of letters. The larger square has one word on each side; each word comprised of letters and blank spaces.

To solve a Four Words puzzle you use the letters in the small square to complete the words around the large square. Use the letters in the small square only once.

Free Puzzle Magazines:

Punzhu publishes a variety of puzzle magazines in Adobe PDF that you may download for free by clicking on the "Free Magazines" link on our main menu, or selecting the magazine of your choice form the images on the main page.

No registration is required to access our free puzzle magazines.

Some of the free magazines available for download are crosswords, word search, word find, Hitori, sudoku, symbol sudoku, alphasudoku, coded, cryptic, fill-in, scrambled, and jigsaw.

Click on the Directory:Punzhu Puzzles listing below to see a list of some of our other free puzzle magazines and games.

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