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Name: Presensoft Inc

IM Policy Manager is the only product in the market that provides proper internal and external encryption and complete logging services compatible with all major IM clients. This versatile solution helps ensure IM security, IM Policy, IM compliance and IM productivity for public Instant Messaging communications in the workplace and at home.

Presensoft’s software encrypts logs and archives IMs, addressing your need to protect sensitive information and to maintain well-organized records of IM conversations and conferences.

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IM-Policy Manager - By Presensoft

Take Control of Public and Private Instant Messaging

Presensoft formally known as IM-Age Software enables companies to adhere to corporate regulations by capturing IM communications, and to protect corporate data by adding encryption to public messengers that are otherwise sent in clear text.

Presensoft helps customers in the area of compliance, security and productivity, in a way that is not affected by the otherwise significant loopholes created by "off-site communications", peer-to-peer communications and third-party encryption.

Manage and secure IM usage by user, group or throughout the enterprise with the IM-Policy Manager User License, a flexible solution that gives an organization the ability to enforce policy by capturing, securing, encrypting and auditing all IM communications. IM-Age gives management control and flexibility over user profiles, including restricting, deploying, protecting and tracking public IM sessions from a central server.

Presensoft's IM-Policy Manager User Licenses give administrators, managers and users a simple way to manage public instant messaging networks. The product can be installed in stealth or full-feature mode, and can be hosted internally or externally by IM-Age Software.

In addition, user productivity tools can be added to gain acceptance from the user community, so that when IM-Age is deployed, is it seen as a user tool -- and not simply a "big brother" application.

IM-Age utilizes the same communications protocol as typical Web communications, HTTP. Any PC that can access Web sites then can use IM-Age software to track IM conversations that take place on the PC.

The IM-Policy Manager User License offers a wide choice of additional features, as well as free on-line utilities for blocking IM altogether and sniffing IM data to check businesses' current exposure to IM.

Presensoft's ASP/hosting-based products are used in workgroups in some of the world's largest, Fortune 100 companies.

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