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Strategy Internet Marketing
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SloganOnly pay for increased quality organic traffic to your website
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2003|2003]]
Headquarters Template:Country data UK [[City:=Bristol|UK]], [[State_Name:=Bristol|Bristol]], [[Country_Name:=United Kingdom|UK]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=John Courtney|John Courtney]], CEO
Kath Dawson, Technical Director
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Internet Marketing|Web Marketing]]
ProductsPay Per Results SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Website Usability, Pay Per Click Advertising
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 11 (2009)
Contact Haven Scotland House
Bristol, Bristol BS4 5LU
0845 838 0936
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Pay Per Results SEO has become a brand in it's own right. It is a revolutionary pricing package in the Internet Marketing sector. Strategy Internet Marketing offer this unique PPR (Pay-Per-Results) pricing to clients who are looking for an ongoing relationship, and who would prefer to pay for actual results rather than paying up front for a service. The SEO company located in UK, UK. Strategy is the core of all the processes and the aim is to partner with businesses in order to achieve the business objectives through successful SEO.

By starting with the understanding of the business objectives it is possible to identify the most effective ways in which to make the website more profitable. The SEO website audit process identifies low hanging fruit and longer term goals. Keyword Research will show the most popular key phrases that the target audience are using to find the products and services sold by the business. Combine this information with the results of SEO Competitor Analysis to see what competitors are up to but also which other websites achieve the rankings.

All of this research process culminates in a Strategic Search Engine Optimisation Plan which provides a road map for the implementation of change on the website. This is a working document that can be used to refer back to throughout as the site develops and grows towards the goals identified at the beginning.

These Professional SEO Services are comprehensive and go way beyond the research, planning and implementation of on-page optimisation to include a broad range of off-page optimisation techniques that will benefit the clients. Backlinks are vitally important to all successful websites because they act as votes of confidence in your website and reinforce your theme by being on-topic. Off-page optimisation, or backlinking, is achieved in a number of different ways; by carefully selecting the most appropriate techniques to apply to each business situation.


Strategy Internet Marketing is a division of Strategy Consulting Limited specialising in Internet Marketing. Strategy has been successfully driving traffic to client's web sites for many years and to give this growing division a clear identity we created the brand "Strategy Internet Marketing".

Clients of Strategy Internet Marketing include a broad range of web sites from large ecommerce sites through lead generation sites to brochure sites - no site is too big and no market is out of our reach. All of our clients rely on us to bring them increased traffic to their websites but they also welcome the emphasis we place on increasing sales and leads.

Directors have trained at The Academy of Business Strategy and are qualified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing. Our experienced team of Search Engine Marketing Consultants and Assistants have a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience.

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