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Origin France, US, United Kingdom
Genre(s) Pop
Years active 2005–present
Label(s) Interscope
Associated acts Girlicious
The Pussycat Dolls
Website [1]
style="text-align:center; line-height:1.5em; background:Template:Infobox Musical artist/color;" colspan="2" | Members
Chelsea Korks
Aria Cresendo
Kelly Beckett
Lauren Bennett
Shar Head
style="text-align:center; line-height:1.5em; background:Template:Infobox Musical artist/color;" colspan="2" | Former members
Mellissa Reyes
Brittany Diiorio
Mariela Arteaga

The Paradiso Girls are an all-female pop music group formed by Robin Antin.[1] They have been formed since 2005 but have not released any songs since 2009.

2005-present:Debut Album

Thhe Paradiso Girls have been recording their debut album since 2005. Footage of nine girls including Mellissa Reyes, Brittany Diiorio and Mariela Arteaga from Search For The Next Doll were seen rehearsing a song called "Whos My Bitch" by the girl group.They were all contenders to be in the group but wernt in the final five [2]. Chelsea Korka was later added to the group. Many songs have been listed. The girls have performed three songs their first single Patron Tequila, Unpredictable and Whos My Bitch[3]. Footage of the girls in dance practice were also leaked which saw them practicing Unpredictable and another song called My Dj[4] [5]. One of the members revealed via Myspace that they were launching very soon and later revealed their first single would be called "Patron Tequila"[6].It first featured just Lil Jon. A new version of the song was then leaked which featured Eve instead of Lil Jon and was belived to be the Official Remix. It was later revelead that Eve would actually feature in the Video, and the official version featured both Lil Jon and Eve. Both songs are on Itunes. The first version was released April 15th, and the second version was released Worldwide on the later date of May 12. During a performance, a picture was leaked on the Internet showing that the album would infact be named Crazy Horse.[7]. The official site stated otherwise, saying that the album would be self-titled.[8] It is unknown what the final name of the album is.