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Name: PC Surveillance

Address: 4510 East 71st Street Suite 8
City: Cuyahoga Falls
State: OH
Zip: 44105
Phone: (216) 325-1006

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PC Surveillance Offers Surveillance Equipment to Protect Your Most Important Assets

PC Surveillance was founded in 2001 to provide surveillance equipment for a wide range of customers including system integrators, access control and security vendors, networking and IP professionals, healthcare companies, corporate franchise partners, domestic and international government and military agencies and educational institutions.

The company staffs a full-time systems engineer, several technical associates, and a full-time shipping department to help with any technical, software, and shipping issues customers may encounter.

As a worldwide distributor of surveillance equipment, PC Surveillance carries products to meet a variety of security needs. You can find everything from DVR cards and IP products to complex security cameras and complete surveillance systems. This security company can help organizations install a few individual cameras or coordinate an entire system across multiple locations. You determine the amount and type of surveillance you need, and their experts help you get it.

In terms of security cameras, PC Surveillance offers an extensive selection including bullet cameras, IP cameras, infrared cameras, dome cameras and more. They also have a large selection of specialty cameras as well as models that can be disguised within smoke detectors, exit signs and several other nondescript objects.

One of the things that sets PC Surveillance apart in the industry is that they offer complete surveillance equipment installation and troubleshooting services. Their security experts will come on-site to install your system and make sure it works properly at your location. They also have a team of technical specialists who can assist you if any problems occur.

If you don’t know much about surveillance equipment, the professionals at PC Surveillance will work with you to design a customized system that meets your needs. They can build a variety of surveillance systems including PC-based video surveillance DVR CCTV systems, IP network video recorders, standalone DVR systems and packaged DVR systems.

However, if you want to create your own, you can find a variety of surveillance kits that come with all the parts you need for making your ideal security system. That way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting an essential piece or spending too much money on features you don’t really need.

Take this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of surveillance equipment and find the security cameras that will help protect your home or business today.