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OleOle, Where Fans Kick Off

OleOle is the worldwide leading social media site for football fans. OleOle’s multi-lingual site enables football fans to connect with each other in an environment that has 100% fan-driven content - live football scores, football blogs, news, soccer photos, videos, wallpapers, podcasts, fan clubs and history. Using social media features, football supporters can write, contribute, share, rate and vote on multimedia content in 10 languages. Founded in 2006, OleOle is a privately-held international company with headquarters in Beverly Hills, California and offices in New Zealand as well as across Europe and South America.

The OleOle Football Platform provides football fans a unique destination - unlike any sports site anywhere – to get the real information on football news, gossip, rumors, and media - anywhere in the world. It is the world’s first global social media network, available in 10 languages to fans everywhere. OleOle is changing the definition “media company” and bringing breaking news past the filters, the censors and centralized reporting desks and putting it squarely in the hands of the fans.

The OleOle Anthem

From the pitchside to the pub, dressing rooms to chat rooms,

There’s one place you can go to get everything football.

Where you can rant about a bad call.

Get the latest scores and game rundowns from those who were there.

Where you can grab tickets to a sold-out rivalry.

Talk transfers.

Sound off on what you know, what you think you know

And what you have no idea about.

This is the one worldwide arena where fans from every country get together,

Bleed their colors, forge great allies and make greater enemies.

It’s not pretty or politically correct.

It’s common. It’s street.

It’s loud. It’s passionate.

It’s OleOle!