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OEM Application Development Solutions – For Smartphones and Mobile Devices

GlobalLogic partners with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to help them bring new smart phones and other mobile devices to market. We develop and customize core phone applications like dialers on OEM handsets, as well as custom applications like media players. We also partner with OEMs to develop and customize UI frameworks that promote a brand; provide rich UI controls, animations and transitions; and expose APIs for developers who want to build OEM applications for a handset.

Our Focus Areas in OEM Application Development Market

Our core focus areas in the OEM market include the following:

   *Core native application development on OEM handsets
   *System integration for UIs and branding

Our Capabilities in Developing OEM Application

GlobalLogic has worked with multiple OEMs to deliver full lifecycle R&D and support services. Some of our capabilities include the following:

   *Designing and integrating UIs and ensuring usability
   *Designing and developing rich UI controls, custom animations & transitions and multi-touch events & gestures
   *Developing frameworks and APIs
   *Integrating native and custom applications (e.g., UI and low-level integration)
   *Developing home screens / idle screens
   *Managing remote devices (i.e., OMA-DM standards)
   *Partitioning binary space for OEMs
   *Developing drivers (e.g., special file system driver, external storage / cards access mechanisms, auto-run)
   *Creating APIs for third-party developers
   *Developing social networking aggregators and plug-in frameworks

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