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New Patients, Inc.
SloganThe Ad Agency Exclusively For Dentists
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=1990|1990]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Las Vegas|Las Vegas]] [[State_Name:=Nevada|Nevada]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=Howie Horrocks|Howie Horrocks]], CEO
[[Key_Person2:=Eddie Facey|Eddie Facey]], President
Mark Dilatush, VP, Professional Services
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Advertising and Related Services|Advertising and Related Services]]
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Advertising Agencies|Advertising Agencies]]
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 11 (2007)
Contact 9850 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 5
Las Vegas, NV 89183-0000
[ New Patients, Inc. website]
Reference NAICS: 5418, 541810

New Patients, Inc. is the advertising agency exclusively for dentists. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is one of the leading providers of dental marketing and dental advertising services for dental practices throughout the United States and Canada.


New Patients, Inc. was founded in 1990 in Seattle, WA, by William Howard (Howie) Horrocks. A career advertising professional, Horrocks worked at a traditional ad agency in Seattle before branching out into his own agency. Once in his own agency, he worked with small businesses, initially specializing in chiropractors. However, he also took on some dentists, and eventually decided to specialize in dental advertising.

He wrote two ‘dental best sellers’ called Unlimited New Patients and More Unlimited New Patients. In the 90s, a substantial portion of the company’s revenues were attributable to these books. While there were a few ‘agency clients’, no effort was made to bring these clients on. Most of them were book readers who would call Horrocks and literally ask him to do advertising for them. In 1999, the company was Horrocks and two contracted Seattle area graphic designers who would be assigned to work with clients, but who had other clients and devoted only a portion of their time to New Patients, Inc.

In 1999, Horrocks met Eddie Facey through Guggenheim Dental Supply, a regional distributor of dental supplies in Southern California with about $22 million in annual sales. Guggenheim and New Patients, Inc. formed a cooperative relationship whereby Guggenheim’s ‘Platinum’ clients would be provided with Horrocks’ books, and New Patients Inc. would be marketed to Guggenheim’s clients and sales people. This relationship lasted until the acquisition of Guggenheim by Patterson Dental Supply in April, 2000.

Facey had been serving as the CFO of Guggenheim Dental Supply. A career CPA, Facey had 5 years of experience at Coopers & Lybrand in Los Angeles before being named CFO of one of his clients in 1991. Throughout the 90s, Facey held controller or CFO positions in manufacturing, telecommunications, and distribution companies, with the last being the CFO position at Guggenheim. Sensing the growth opportunity in dental advertising, Facey joined New Patients Inc in January of 2001.

At that time, the company transformed from only serving advertising clients when they asked after reading Horrocks’ books to a full-service agency.

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