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Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2000|2000]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Alpharetta|Alpharetta]], [[State_Name:=Georgia|Georgia]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing|Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing]]
Contact 1245 Old Alpharetta Rd
Alpharetta, GA  US  30005-3988
Reference NAICS:33331

Nanoventions designs and manufactures precise polymer films bearing overt and covert information and particles carrying covert information for anti-counterfeiting, document and product security and authentication applications.

Nanoventions’ SpyDust™ is much like a powder: the individual particles are called Nanotaggants™. Each taggant can measure from a few hundred nanometers to around 200 microns, that is, multiple taggants can rest easily on the end of a hair. The taggant can be a picture, a seal, a symbol, a shape, or carry critical information that has unique meaning to a client. It can include specialized optical properties, that only Nanoventions is capable of producing. SpyDust™ can be mixed into liquids, like ink, to be incorporated in currency, event tickets, financial instruments, or important original documents such as treaties or contracts for covert authentication. It can be added to pharmaceuticals for authentication, to hazardous materials or explosives for tracking, or to bulk liquids in parts per million to identify illegal dilution. They can be made of materials which can be ingested without harm or can remain in contact with skin or clothing and have no harmful effects.

Apparition™ is a film technology Nanoventions employs to produce a lock and key arrangement for IDs, security tape and tamper-proof labels. The undisturbed product can be clear or frosted or carry a warning. It is comprised of at least two layers, one a “lock” and the other a “key”. The “lock” element of Apparition carries specific optical information that is invisible or indistinguishable to the unaided eye. The “key”, the second Apparition element or companion piece, decodes the locked optics for validation of authenticity.

Conseal™ is a layered security film technology, designed to present a particular overt optical appearance when the layers are intact and an altered appearance at separation. The change can be as dramatic as from a transparent appearance to “STOP” or “VOID” or a more subtle display, for example, a specific pattern that is only meaningful to the asset owner. Conseal™ can be applied to existing packaging, flexible or solid materials or to surfaces that are to remain in contact (closed) for security, hazard protection or authentication purposes. Nanoventions also offers Encloak™, a film technology that renders entire documents or portions thereof, copy and scan proof. Encloaks’ sophisticated micro-optic systems prevent scanners and copiers from capturing an image by creating a “cone of darkness” resulting in only black on the copied page.

Nanoventions has created multiple technologies to meet the security requirements of both government and private industry.

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