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Name: NW Financial Group

City: Jersey City
State: NJ
Country: US
Phone: 201.656.0115
Email: []
Web: []
Contact: Dennis J. Enright

NW Financial Group is a full-service financial services firm specializing in municipal finance and maintaining a long-term commitment to the business, with a particular emphasis on state and local governmental clients. NW Financial Group offers a full array of investment banking services, including advisory and consulting services to public bodies and private entities, municipal financial advice to bond issuers, and placement of debt and equity. Included among the diverse types of transactions in which the firm participates are privatizations and regionalizations, sports finance, redevelopment, SWAPs, pooled loan programs, refundings (forward, advance, current), lease revenue financings, lease purchase financings, public debt restructurings, and affordable and subsidized housing financings. In addition, the firm provides a wide range of non-transactional consulting and advisory services, including asset disposition analysis, management consulting, public/private partnerships, strategic advice on negotiations and settlements, litigation support, procurement advice, and a wide variety of other financings that are always customized to meet client needs.

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